WWALS Board Agenda 2015-04-08

The public is invited. Facebook event. -jsq

Draft Agenda (revised again 2015-04-06)
7:30 PM Wed. 8 April 2015
For remote attendees:
Dial-in Number: (712) 432-1212
Meeting ID: 974-054-025

WWALS Board Members: John S. Quarterman (President), Garry Gentry (Secretary), Gretchen Quarterman (Treasurer), Dave Hetzel (VP for Membership and Ambassador), Bret Wagenhorst (Outings Committee Chair), Karen A. Rawlins (Events Commitee Chair), Chris Graham (Alapaha River Water Trail Committee Chair), Al Browning, Chris Mericle

  1. Call to Order
  2. Treasurer
    1. Income
    2. Current Balances
    3. Upcoming Payments
    4. Current Commitments
    5. Grants: GRN grant (see ARWT Committee); others.
    6. Fundraising to hire executive director https://sites.google.com/site/wwalswatersheds/staff
  3. Secretary
    1. Agenda Review: Additions and Changes
    2. Approve Minutes of 14 January 2015 WWALS Board meeting.
    3. Approve next WWALS Board meeting: 8 July 2015, IHOP Adel?
  4. Goals for 2015. Executive Committee 11 March 2015 recommended the following goals for consideration by the Board. They are the same as for 2014 minus the one about 501(c)(3) and insurance, and plus the ones marked +. Also marked: initials of who previously said they would help lead these goals, and relevant committees.
    1. Participate in Rivers Alive clean up: BW,AB,DH, Outings Committee
    2. Outreach to schools to teach students about watershed health and science: AB,DH,GG,CM,DM ARWT Committee
    3. Do invasive species monitoring and water quality monitoring on all WWALS outings: KR,CG,AB,CM,DM
    4. Water quality certification for as many people & members as possible & partner with Adopt-a-Stream: AB,DH,CG,DM,CM,jsq
    5. Map encroachment, water quality, invasive species, pesticide run off and share info (overarching goal): DH,JQ,AB,KR,CG,CM,DM ARWT Committee
    6. Get WWALS involved in watershed mapping of floodplains by Army Corps of Engineers in our watershed areas: JQ,CG,CM ARWT Committee, Pipeline Committee
    7. Waycross superfund site mess how relates to WWALS watersheds: JQ,CG Pipeline Committee
    8. Oppose the Sabal Trail methane pipeline: JQ,AH,CG,CM Pipeline Committee
    9. +Alapaha River Water Trail: ARWT Committee
    10. +Raise funds to hire an Executive Director: full Board
    11. +Valdosta Wastewater: Pipeline Committee
    12. +Raise awareness about corporate agricultural land acquisitions and practices as they affect WWALS watersheds and the Floridan Aquifer: DH,CM,JQ,GQ Need a Committee?
  5. Allied Groups
    1. Waterkeeper Alliance: application and $150/year membership already approved by Executive Committee 11 March 2015.
    2. (national) River Network
    3. Georgia River Network
    4. Neighbors: FrK, ORWT, Satilla RK, SOS, OSFR
  6. Membership Committee
    1. Strategy, tactics, and plans for increasing membership.
    2. Renewal notices.
    3. List of groups where WWALS board members might speak.
  7. Pipeline Committee -jsq
    1. Pipeline case in Leesburg, GA: approve attorney fee (Paul Alvarado) and Amicus brief (see separate document). for
    2. 17 March 2015: Valdosta Wastewater meeting videos, slides, remaining questions. Greenlaw proposal.
    3. HB 57 solar bill after WWALS @ GA PSC July 2013.
  8. Alapaha Water Trail Committee, aka WWALS-ART. See /maps/alapaha-water-trail/.
    1. 14 March 2015: ARWT Conference and logo contest –Deanna Mericle
    2. 7 April 2015: ARWT Committee Meeting report on TODO for GRN grant, etc.
    3. 15 May 2015: GRN grant final report due; see timeline.
  9. Events Committee
  10. Public Relations Committee
    1. Current WWALS Committee with members are listed on the WWALS website under About, then under Committees, /about/committees/
    2. For PR to list an outing or event, we need to know: date, time of day, where, directions to get there written for somebody who knows nothing about it, and who’s in charge of ensuring the event happens.
    3. Press releases and news items in WWALS web page: /about/news/
  11. Outings Committee
    1. 14 March 2014: Easy Outing on the Alapaha River at GA 135 -Bret Wagenhorst
    2. 18 April 2015: Rowetown Church to GA 135 -Bret Wagenhorst
    3. 16 May 2015: Third Annual Big LITTLE RIVER Paddle Race -Bret Wagenhorst
      Back-up: the following afternoon.
    4. 9AM 14 June 2015: Sasser landing to Jennings Bluff -Chris Mericle
      4 mile paddle with a hike along the Dead River to the sink
      30 minute shuttle
      Back-up: 10AM at Allen landing (CR 143 Ramp) on the Withlacoochee to the Mericle residence.
    5. 8AM 11 July 2015: Lanier Park to CSX RR track on the public right way. -Chris Graham
      15 mile paddle Statenville gauge needs to be 1.5′ or higher
      30 minute shuttle
      Back-up: 10AM at Banks Lake (river too high or too low, etc.)
  12. Review Action Item List: Please send reports to the board list before the meeting.
    1. Request for information from DNR –jsq Development laws and regulations related to water.
    2. Waycross about the Seven Out Superfund site –jsq
    3. Distribution of list of sites on EPA/EPD lists for counties in our watershed –jsq
    4. Flooding study by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). –jsq
  13. How busy everybody is
  14. Other Business
  15. Adjourn

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