Update on Rowetown Church to GA 135: WWALS outing 2015-04-18

300x117 Rowetown with Alapaha, GA gauge, in Alapaha River Water Trail, by John S. Quarterman, for WWALS.net, 16 April 2015 Update from expedition leader Bret Wagenhorst:

The current weather forecast for Saturday in Alapaha, GA is cloudy with 20% chance of thunderstorms. The water level on the Alapaha River at the Alapaha gauge is 9.4 ft and appears to be plateauing. [The river has already been going down for a couple of days upstream at the Irwinville gauge. -jsq] Unless there are heavy rains in or north of Alapaha Friday, we should be able to proceed with our planned outing.

It should be a fast trip with the water this high, and with fast, high water comes increased risk, so this is probably not a great outing for a beginner.

Know that the put in is actually slightly north of Rowetown Church, at the cemetery (look for the 3 crosses) by the gate. There is a 100 yard carry to the river.

In order to get back to the start in time to participate in the activities at the Gaskins Forest Education Center it is very important for folks to arrive on time—namely 0800 at the put in. We will need to unload the boats and drive vehicles to the take out and then take one vehicle back to the start.

Don’t forget your life vests, rain gear, lunch and water. Skeeters are likely to abound, so dress appropriately or bring bug spray. If anyone cares to share a canoe, let me know, otherwise I may bring my kayak. Questions? Call me @ 229 392-5513.

600x344 Rowetown Church Cemetery Context, in Alapaha River Water Trail, by John S. Quarterman, for WWALS.net, 16 April 2015

Paddle downstream on the Alapaha River past the Willacoochee River and the city of Willacoochee, among ancient cypress, pines, turtles, fish, and birds. This is a long one, so come prepared: water, snacks, and as always personal flotation devices. It’s also remote and possibly difficult with deadfalls, so please be able to swim or at least float. If you need a boat, please contact wwalswatershed@gmail.com.

When:8AM April 18th 2015
Shuttle:40 min. shuttle
Start:9AM on the water
Duration:approximately 4 hour paddle
Stop:About 1PM
Where:Rowetown Church Cemetery,
7 miles east of Alapaha, GA
via Moore Sawmill Road,
on Rowetown Church Road,
Berrien County, GA
31.33906, -83.149789

This continues from our January downstream exploration of the most remote part of the Alapaha River Water Trail (ARWT). You can see this access point on the ARWT interactive Map if you turn on the Other layer. Rowetown Church Cemetery is marked as Ask for access. WWALS has permission from the landowner for this outing.

This event is FREE! All we ask is that you are a current member of WWALS Watershed Coalition. If not, it’s easy to join online today at /donations/. You do not have to be a member to come on this outing. If you like the experience, we recommend that you join to support the efforts of WWALS.

If the Alapaha River is too high or too low, we will go to the

Backup location: Paradise Lake Public Fishing Area (PFA)
When:9AM April 18th 2015
Where:536 Paradise Drive,
Enigma, GA 31749
Just south of US 82
between Tifton and Enigma
31.400777, -83.369395

Meanwhile, Heather Brasell is hosting an event, A Day in the Woods at the nearby Gaskins Forest Education Center, 9AM to 3PM. Those interested in attending some of that event after the paddle are welcome.


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