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Old Coffee Road across Alapaha River

Many of you know Julian Fields, retired forester, very knowledgable about many things around south Georgia. In this video, he’s showing people where Old Coffee Road forded the Alapaha River. I haven’t been able to find a map of any age that shows that ford. However, given that Old Coffee Road in Berrien County goes as far as Rowetown Church Road, I’d guess either Rowetown Church Road is where Old Coffee Road crossed the river, at Rowetown Church Cemetery, or it was somewhat upstream. Does anybody know?

Julian Fields

Or I suppose I could just ask Julian. Here’s the video: Continue reading

Update on Rowetown Church to GA 135: WWALS outing 2015-04-18

300x117 Rowetown with Alapaha, GA gauge, in Alapaha River Water Trail, by John S. Quarterman, for WWALS.net, 16 April 2015 Update from expedition leader Bret Wagenhorst:

The current weather forecast for Saturday in Alapaha, GA is cloudy with 20% chance of thunderstorms. The water level on the Alapaha River at the Alapaha gauge is 9.4 ft and appears to be plateauing. [The river has already been going down for a couple of days upstream at the Irwinville gauge. -jsq] Unless there are heavy rains in or north of Alapaha Friday, we should be able to proceed with our planned outing.

It should be a fast trip with the water this high, and with fast, high water comes increased risk, so this is probably not a great outing for a beginner.

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Rowetown Church to GA 135: WWALS April outing 2015-04-18

Update 2015-04-17: Water’s high, but looks like the outing is on.

Paddle downstream on the Alapaha River past the Willacoochee River and the city of Willacoochee, among ancient cypress, pines, turtles, fish, and birds. This is a long one, so come prepared: water, snacks, and as always personal flotation devices. It’s also remote and possibly difficult with deadfalls, so please be able to swim or at least float. If you need a boat, please contact wwalswatershed@gmail.com. Facebook event.

When:8AM April 18th 2015
Shuttle:40 min. shuttle
Start:9AM on the water
Duration:approximately 4 hour paddle
Stop:About 1PM
Where:Rowetown Church Cemetery,
7 miles east of Alapaha, GA
via Moore Sawmill Road,
on Rowetown Church Road,
Berrien County, GA
31.33906, -83.149789

This event is FREE! All we ask is that Continue reading