WWALS Goals for 2015

Boating on our rivers and water trails for them, issues and education: you can help with the fun and work of WWALS! Here’s much of what can be done laid out in a list of a dozen WWALS Goals for 2015. The board has at least one opening right now, and the committees always could use more members. You can apply through the online form.

See also the monthly newsletter, the news about WWALS, and of course the website with blog, facebook the page and group, and WWALS on twitter, Youtube, and the membership google group. You can become a member or corporate sponsor of WWALS online right now.

The WWALS Executive Committee 11 March 2015 recommended the following goals for consideration by the WWALS Board, which adopted them at its quarterly meeting 8 April 2015.

Remarkable progress was made in the previous year, but since many of these goals are ongoing, most of them are the same as for 2014 minus the one about 501(c)(3) and insurance, and plus the ones marked +. Also marked: initials of who previously said they would help lead these goals, and relevant Committees.

  1. Participate in Rivers Alive clean up: BW,AB,DH, Outings Committee
  2. Outreach to schools to teach students about watershed health and science: AB,DH,GG,CM,DM ARWT Committee, WRWT Committee
  3. Do invasive species monitoring and water quality monitoring on all WWALS outings: KR,CG,AB,CM,DM
  4. Water quality certification for as many people & members as possible & partner with Adopt-a-Stream: AB,DH,CG,DM,CM,jsq
  5. Map encroachment, water quality, invasive species, pesticide run off and share info (overarching goal): DH,JQ,AB,KR,CG,CM,DM ARWT Committee, WRWT Committee
  6. Get WWALS involved in watershed mapping of floodplains by Army Corps of Engineers in our watershed areas: JQ,CG,CM ARWT Committee WRWT Committee, Pipeline Committee.
  7. Waycross superfund site mess how relates to WWALS watersheds: JQ,CG Pipeline Committee
  8. Oppose the Sabal Trail methane pipeline: JQ,AH,CG,CM Pipeline Committee
  9. +Alapaha River Water Trail: ARWT Committee
  10. +Raise funds to hire an Executive Director: full Board
  11. +Valdosta Wastewater: Pipeline Committee
  12. +Raise awareness about corporate agricultural land acquisitions and practices as they affect WWALS watersheds and the Floridan Aquifer: DH,CM,JQ,GQ Need a Committee? Pipeline Committee