Spectra hires new lobbying firm in Atlanta for Sabal Trail

A Spectra is haunting Atlanta!

Apparently Spectra is feeling the heat about its proposed Sabal Trail fracked methane pipeline and has pushed the revolving door to get some lobbyists in Atlanta. We tried to warn you that you are surrounded, Atlanta!

So much for FERC being the only deciding body. Don’t forget to sign the Petition to GA Gov. Deal to oppose Sabal Trail pipeline.

Greg Bluestein, AJC Insider, 7 July 2015, Trio of bipartisan Atlanta lobbyists opening up new shop,

Chuck McMullen, Tharon Johnson and Blake Ashbee have left the law firm formerly known as McKenna Long & Aldridge to open Greenberg Traurig’s lobbyist practice in Atlanta….

Among the clients they said they are retaining are Microsoft Corp., which is always engaged in a tangle of messy regulatory issues; Spectra Energy, which is pushing a 157-mile pipeline through south Georgia; and MGM, which has proposed a $1 billion casino for downtown Atlanta.

A yard-wide explosive pipe on a hundred-foot gouge through our fragile karst limestone below our Withlacoochee River and above our drinking water Floridan Aquifer is just as bad an idea now as it was last year when it made the Georgia Water Coalition Dirty Dozen 2014. Worse, now that Sabal Trail is suing landowners for eminent domain.

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