Florida lists WWALS for Alapaha River Water Trail

The Florida Department of Greenways and Trails now links to WWALS for the Alapaha River Water Trail. Chris Mericle, who negotiated this for WWALS, says:

This action will shine a brighter and wider light on WWALS, anyone searching the Greenways and Trails website and clicks on the ARWT will be directed to WWALS.

Follow the link to see.

We’re also looking for pictures of access points for both the ARWT and the in-progress Withlacoochee and Little River Water Trail.

Plus Liz Sparks, Florida Paddling Trail Coordinator, also asks for access pictures of what Florida calls the Withlacoochee North:

I prefer a picture of an access point with some type of action to make it more interesting: a vehicle plus boat on rooftop, someone with a camera, fishing pole, or other activities. I’m OK with just an access shot too.

Any paddlers in a photo must be shown wearing life jackets, resolution must be a minimum of 300 dpi, no panoramas, photos are preferred in horizontal or ‘landscape’ format, if people appear in face shots we need a signed model release and I need a photographer release as well (attached).

Deadline for this project is August 3rd.

So, please send pictures. You can post them as comments on this blog post, or on facebook. But remember for use with the Florida Paddling Trail project a signed release form will also be needed.