Grand Bay Hike: WWALS Outing 2015-12-12

Cypress, herons, alligators, pitcher plants, and more in a mini-Okefenokee between Valdosta and Lakeland: Grand Bay Wildlife Management Area! No boats required; this is a hiking expedition.

When: 10AM Saturday December 12, 2015

What: Aprox. 1.5 hr hike then lunch (not provided)

Responsible party: Bret Wagenhorst

Directions: 4661 Knights Academy Rd. Valdosta,GA 31605
Take Hwy 221 north from Valdosta approx. 5.5 miles
turn left onto Knights Academy Rd. continue 1mile, turn right

Backup: None. If the weather is too bad for this, it’s too bad for anything.

Grand Bay is part of the Alapaha River Water Trail.

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