Questions to SRWMD Director at Columbia County Commission –Columbia County News 2016-02-04

The Columbia County News has made it easier to ask questions, especially about a very expensive river and aquifer project.

When: 5:30 PM Thursday 4 February 2016

Where: Columbia BOCC
372 West Duval Street
Lake City, Florida

What: Why is the SRMD board going to vote next week on sucking up Suwannee River water through a 48″ pipe to Falling Creek Park in an Aquifer Recharge scheme?

Stew Lilker, Columbia County News, 3 February 2016, Suwannee River Water Management Chief at the County 5 Thursday Night: Questions Accepted,

It has been said that fresh clean water is one of the most important global issues today. Safe drinking water is a worldwide issue. The Suwannee River Water Management District (SRWMD) is one of five Florida water management districts established by statute in 1972. It is supported by property taxes and controlled by a governing board appointed by the governor. The SRWMD’s day to day operations are run by an executive director, Noah Valenstein. Mr. Valenstein is on the agenda of the Columbia County 5 for Thursday, February 4, under the topic: “Introduction.” (Photo: Noah Valenstein)

As previously noted, SRWMD E.D. Valenstein is on the Columbia County Commission agenda for tonight, but the agenda says about his topic only “Introduction”.

Earlier today, your reporter spoke with County Chairman, Sylvester “Bucky” Nash, about giving the meeting attendees the chance to question Executive Director Valenstein.

Your reporter mentioned that there are many water issues facing the district and that it would be beneficial if Mr. Valenstein would be available to answer the concerns of the public.

Questions Accepted

Chairman Nash reflected for a few moments and told the Observer, “I think it is important that the people of the County be able to ask questions and get answers.”

The Chairman continued, “Up until the time that Mr. Valenstein appears before the County 5, any interested person may fill out a 3×5 card with their question for Mr. Valenstein. I am requesting that there be only one question per card. It is up to the person asking the question whether or not to give their name.”

Questions can also be emailed to the county:
In the subject line: Question for Valenstein
email to the County 5 secretary:

Maybe you’d like to ask Director Valenstein where the $48 million for that Falling Creek Aquifer Storage and Recharge project is going to come from?


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