A 3-foot pipeline through the windows to our aquifer is a very bad idea –Debra Johnson on FirstCoastNews, 2016-02-11

“This is an outstanding waterway of America,” said WWALS member Debra Johnson. “It is the legendary Suwannee River.” And the Sabal Trail fracked methane pipeline drilling under it is a very bad idea. (Events: facebook or meetup)

Kenneth Amaro and Debra Johnson Kenneth Amaro, FCN, 11 February 2016, Suwannee residents face setback but vow to fight proposed natural gas pipeline,

They have already made their opposition known to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which is reviewing the plan.

Suwannee River “The springs around here are the windows to the aquifer, the water we drink everyday,” said Johnson.

On Feb. 18, the Suwannee County Commission plans to hike the trail so they can get a firsthand look. Two board members are opposed to the pipeline.

Debra Johnson “We’re not talking about a small gas pipeline that serves cities and your home. We’re talking about a 36-inch, 3 feet, pushing 1.1 cubic billion feet of gas down it a day,” Johnson said.

Johnson said the people have vowed to fight the project as long as they can. “It is a very bad idea,” she said.

There are several state permits not issued, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has not issued permits from three of its districts, despite Spectra Energy’s Andrea Grover claiming the FERC certificate was the “final approval for the overall environmental determination and need of the project”. Nope, it’s not over, and the longer it takes, the harder it is for you, Sabal Trail.

People for our rivers and aquifer, here are /issues/stt/ things you can do, including the movie tonight 6:30 PM in Live Oak and a petition to federal officials.


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