Fossil Fuel and Nuclear Greed in Florida: Far Beyond Sabal Trail

The extent of the greedy grasp of the fossil fuel industry for more last-gasp profits before solar and wind power take over is usually hidden because the projects get approved individually, often by different agencies. Here’s at least a partial list of such projects (and nukes) that Waterkeeper® Members or Affiliates oppose in Florida.

Spectra’s Sabal “Sinkhole” Trail is not just one pipeline; it’s the camel’s nose under the tent for its conjoined twin pipelines, its ugly stepsister pipelines and LNG export operations, and its stepchildren the “modernized” new natural gas plants.

Anybody want to help draw a map of all this?


  1. FPL Turkey Point Plant Unit 6 & 7 (3 & 4 already leaking, new plants on same site)
  2. Duke’s Crystal River closed nuke, still costing ratepayers and taxpayers, beside which Duke wants to build a natural gas plant and Strom wants to build an LNG export operation; see below.

Fossil Fuels


Oil Drilling and seismic testing

  1. We just won in the Atlantic!
  2. New leases in Eastern Gulf; Greenpeace petition against new offshore drilling
  3. Need to stop existing drilling in the Gulf.
  4. Seismic testing for oil in Apalachicola floodplain

Petroleum products pipelines

  1. Kinder Morgan’s Palmetto petroleum products Pipeline through coastal Georgia to Jacksonville, see Push Back the Pipeline

Natural Gas


  1. In Florida; see Floridians Against Fracking. Including seismic testing likely to start any day now in Calhoun County
  2. FPL fracking in Oklahoma at Florida ratepayers’ expense for methane that could be shipped through Sabal Trail.
  3. Fracking in the Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania, which is the most likely source of Sabal Trail methane.

Natural Gas Pipelines

  1. Sabal Trail and its conjoined sisters in the Southeast Market Pipelines Project
    1. Williams Company’s Transco Hillabee Expansion Project, FERC Docket No. CP15-16 (in Alabama, but is start of this pipeline chain)
    2. Spectra Energy, FPL, and Duke Energy’s Sabal Trail Transmission, FERC Docket no. CP15-17, through southwest Georgia then through the Florida Springs heartland, across the Suwannee, Santa Fe, and Withlacoochee (south) Rivers to Orlando. Call anybody you know in Georgia and ask them to call their GA state rep. to strip Sabal Trail easements from SR 954. More here.
    3. FPL’s Florida Southeast Connection, FERC Docket no. CP15-554, From Orlando to Martin County.
  2. Sabal Trail’s ugly stepsisters:
    1. Related Pipelines
      1. FPL pipeline from Martin County to Riviera Beach
      2. Kinder Morgan’s proposed natural gas Jacksonville Expansion Project (JEP) from Sabal Trail in Suwannee County to Jacksonville, FERC Docket no. CP15-144.
      3. AES Ocean Express pipeline from Florida to Bahamas, currently stopped by Bahamas, but could start back up.
    2. LNG export operations, mostly already approved by the U.S. DoE Office of Fossil Fuels
      1. LNG export from Jaxport
      2. Crowley Maritime’s Carib Energy can export from apparently anywhere in Florida, especially Jaxport, already approved by DoE FE.
      3. Floridian LNG (FLiNG), from Martin County, already approved by DoE FE.
      4. Florida East Coast Railway (FECR), to pick up LNG from FLiNG and ship by rail up and down the Florida coast as far as Miami and Jacksonville. Supported by Fortress Investment Group. Already approved by DoE FE.
      5. AES from Port of PPalm Beach, already approved by DoE FE.
      6. Goven, from Martin County, based in Miami, already approved by DoE FE.
      7. Strom, Inc., Citrus County, next to Duke’s Crystal River nuke an natural gas power plant, plus permission for FECR to pick up LNG to ship via rail. Already approved by DoE FE. Application in process to get gas from Sabal Trail or from Duke.
  3. The ugly stepchildren: New Gas Power Plants
    1. FPL “modernizing” coal plants when should be going straight to solar energy.
      1. Riviera Beach
      2. Cape Canaveral
      3. Port Everglades
      4. Hendry County next to the Everglades
      5. Probably there are more.
    2. Duke Energy natural gas plants
      1. Citrus County
      2. bought Calpine plant in Polk County
      3. Probably there are more.


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  3. Charles

    I am shocked that they are going to test in Calhoun county during breading season.The government agencies have failed us and Florida .WFSU reported it and was not easy to find.I am made 1 i had to look so hard .2 that they are doing when all the species are active .3 i have not heard if a impact study was done.Well they will have their boats dragging lines all over the place .Drilling 1000 holes to set of tnt .Sounds like a bad joke.I hope at some point this is investigated all that played their part come to justice .This is a sin in my mind and you can not in any way believe in god and do things like this.Every day reports come out how bad for the peoples families and land it is.

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