Winners of the BIG Little River Paddle Race 2016-05-21

Here are the winners of the Fourth Annual BIG Little River Paddle Race held Saturday May 21, 2016 at Reed Bingham State Park. Ready Including four time winner… see below.

On a fine Saturday morning, 34 people paddled, 18 male and 16 female, 19 in kayaks and 15 in canoes.

At this event to benefit Friends of Reed Bingham Park (FORB) and WWALS Watershed Coalition (WWALS), WWALS board member Bret Wagenhorst officiated as usual, this time assisted in handing out prizes by WWALS PR Committee member Amy Wiegenstein. Other board members of FORB and WWALS were present

Overall winner:
Dwight Griner from Lenox finished in 40 minutes, coming in first for the fourth year straight.

First Place: Dwight Griner from Lenox

Dwight got $100 from Bret Wagenhorst and a trophy designed and made by Phil Hubbard.

to the winner And a trophy designed by Phil Hubbard

Category winners:

Solo kayak:

Male: Tom Potter, Valdosta

Solo kayak, male: Tom Potter, Valdosta

Female: Gretchen Quarterman, Valdosta

Solo kayak, female: Gretchen Quarterman, Lowndes County

Gretchen coming in Gretchen at the Finish

Tandem kayak:

Male: no entry

Female: Caitlyn & Margi Sargent, Summerville, SC

Tandem kayak, female: Caitlyn & Margi Sargent, Summerville, SC

Mixed: no entry

Solo canoe:

Male: Ray Cummings, Moultrie

Solo canoe, male: Ray Cummings, Moultrie

Female: no entry

Two person canoe:

Male: Ben Davis & Rob McGhin, Valdosta

Two person canoe, male: Ben Davis & Rob McGhin, Valdosta
Picture by Bret Wagenhorst.

Female: no entry

Male/Female: Chris & Deanna Mericle, Japser, FL (also second place overall)

Two person canoe, mixed: Chris & Deanna Mericle, Japser, FL (also second place overall)

Three person canoe:

Catherine Lord (Mobile, AL) & Susie and Ross Peters (Tifton)

Three person canoe: Catherine Lord, Mobile, AL & Susie and Ross Peters, Tifton

Youngest solo paddler:

Preston Peters (Tifton)

Youngest solo paddler: Preston Peters, Tifton

Oldest solo paddler:

Betty Marini, Lanier County, who also got the coveted brocolli award for coming in last.

Oldest solo paddler: Betty Merini

WWALS Faller Award

Nobody fell in at this Paddle Race, but Beatrice Potter fell into the Alapaha River on the previous WWALS Outing, so we took this occasion to give her a WWALS Outings Faller Award, designed and made by Phil Hubbard.

Faller Award (for a previous WWALS Outing): Beatrice Potter

Event Statistics

Paddler numbers by town:

Tifton: 11 paddlers
Valdosta: 9 paddlers
Sycamore: 2 paddlers
Lakeland: 2 paddlers
Lenox: 1 paddler
Albany: 1 paddler
Nashville: 1 paddler
Moultrie: 1 paddler

Beyond GA:
Jasper, FL: 2
Summerville, SC: 2
Mt Pleasant SC: 1
Mobile, AL: 1

Paddlers by age:
9-19 yrs.: 4
20-29 yrs: 4
30-39 yrs: 2
40-49 yrs.: 2
50-59 yrs.: 17
60-69 yrs.: 3
70-79 yrs.: 2

More Pictures

All the pictures above are by John S. Quarterman except where noted. Several people posted pictures on facebook:

Next outing coming up:

Saturday June 4th 2016, Florida Campsites Ramp to Suwannee River State Park on the Withlacoochee River. Will the chair still be there?

More outings are scheduled, with more being added each month; watch the WWALS calendar.


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