Sabal Trail slips its in-service request to June; FERC classifies WWALS shutdown request as motion 2017-05-26

They finally admit to FERC the Sabal Trail boondoggle is a month late! And FERC reclassifies the WWALS filing as a motion for all three SMPP pipelines.

Susan Salisbury, Palm Beach Post, 26 May 2017, Sabal Trail seeks new pipeline start date; group wants shutdown,

Sabal Trail Transmission on Friday asked federal regulators for an early June in-service date for its portion of the Alabama-to-Florida natural gas pipeline, a later date than it had requested earlier this month.

With segmented KMI FGT JEP to Jacksonville to Eagle LNG export:

On May 17 Houston-based Sabal Trail had asked the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for permission to start sending gas through the pipeline by today — May 26.

Also Friday, the Georgia-based WWALS Watershed Coalition asked FERC to deny all requests to place the pipeline into service, and said FERC should revoke the permit and shut it down.

The Sierra Club recently asked FERC to delay the pipeline’s operation until after pending litigation is resolved.

FERC has yet to act on either of Sabal Trail’s start-up date requests or on The Sierra Club’s request.

Maybe FERC staff have noticed their Commission has no quorum since Norman Bay resigned at the end of January, and that there is active opposition to approving any new nominees.

Back to the Palm Beach Post article:

WWALS president and Suwannee Riverkeeper John S. Quarterman said Friday, “It’s not too late for FERC to do its job and actually evaluate all the new evidence that has come to light. Even more, FERC should look at how the world has changed since 2013, now that solar power has won the economic race.

“Even Florida Power & Light, whose customers are on the hook for the $3.2 billion, admits Florida needs no new electricity. That means there is no need for this Sabal Trail pipeline boondoggle. There are many more reasons of water, agriculture, and economy, but the sheer lack of need alone should be enough reason for FERC to shut Sabal Trail down,” Quarterman said.

There’s more in the article, and see the WWALS FERC filing.

The Sabal Trail Friday filing is FERC Accession Number: 20170526-5216, “Sabal Trail Transmission, LLC submits supplemental information for the Sabal Trail Project under CP15-17,”

Based on the progress of commissioning activities, Sabal Trail now estimates that it will be ready to place its facilities into service in early June 2017. Sabal Trail will file a revised In-Service Request with the Commission once Sabal Trail has a more precise estimate of the in-service date.

Also Friday, at 3:10 PM Eastern FERC made a docket change to the WWALS filing to make it apply to all three Southeast Markets Pipeline Project (SMPP) pipelines:

“DOCKET CHANGE- Motion/Notice of Intervention submitted in FERC CP14-554-000,et al. by WWALS Watershed Coalition, Inc.,et al.”

On 5/26/2017, the following Filing was submitted to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), Washington D.C.:

Filer: WWALS Watershed Coalition, Inc.
WWALS Watershed Coalition, Inc. (as Agent)

Docket(s): CP14-554-000

Lead Applicant: Florida Southeast Connection, LLC

Filing Type: Motion/Notice of Intervention
Supplemental/Additional Information

Description: Intervenor WWALS Watershed Coalition, Inc. requests FERC to deny Sabal Trail’s request to put any facilities in service, and that FERC revoke its February 2016 Order granting a Certificate of Convenience and Necessity under CP15-17-000.

To view the document for this Filing, click here

I guess “stay, stop, or deny” any in-service requests and “revoke” the permit was clear enough.

No new pipelines. Let the sun rise!

 -jsq, John S. Quarterman, Suwannee RIVERKEEPER®

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