#StopETP National Day of Action one day early in Live Oak 2017-09-07

Let’s add #StopETP National Day of Action to our Not so Fast, Sabal Trail: Suwannee and Flint Riverkeepers in Live Oak 2017-09-07.

#NoDAPL #NoSabalTrail canoe
#NoDAPL #NoSabal canoe by Bill Sagues; picture by Julie Bowand on the Suwannee River 13 September 2017.

StopETP Coalition, National Day of Action,

Enough is enough. On September 8th and 9th we’re taking action across the country to #StopETP and defend indigenous rights and our water, land, air, and climate.

Sabal Trail is a partnership of Spectra Energy, NextEra, and Duke Energy. Remember who now owns the pipeline company part of that partnership, Spectra Energy: Jordan Blum, fuelfix, 27 February 2017, Enbridge completes acquisition of Houston’s Spectra Energy,

Calgary-based Enbridge completed its $28 billion acquisition of Houston’s Spectra Energy on Monday to create arguably North Americas largest network of oil and gas pipelines.

Enbridge already has replaced the Spectra signage at the old Spectra headquarters at 5400 Westheimer Ct. The merger combines Enbridge’s oil pipeline, rail and electric transmission holdings with Spectra’s 90,000-mile network of gas pipelines.

In the merged company, Enbridge Chief Executive Al Monaco remains in the CEO role, while Spectra CEO Greg Ebel takes over as chairman of the new Enbridge.

And look what else Enbridge bought two weeks earlier. Alyssa Julie, Global News, 15 February 2017, Enbridge acquires significant stake in controversial Dakota Access Pipeline,

Calgary-based Enbridge has closed a $1.5 billion deal which will see it take a nearly 30 per cent interest in the Bakken pipeline system, which includes the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL).

#StopETP’s list of ETP pipeline effects and what #StopETP wants (no water pollution, no unhealthy air emissions, don’t violate indigenous or property rights, no worsening of climate change, and compensation for those already harmed, is pretty much what we’ve always demanded regarding Sabal Trail.

So, September 7th is our day-early #StopETP action. Not so Fast, Sabal Trail! Substitute Sabal Trail or Spectra Energy or Enbridge for ETP in #StopETP’s description, and you have Not so fast, Sabal Trail!

Sometimes that means filing lawsuits and encouraging decision makers to say no to ETP’s projects. Sometimes that means exposing ETP’s history of environmental and human rights violations and educating our communities about the dangers of this company. And sometimes it means setting up camp in the pipeline’s path.

Our health, our water, our air, our climate, and our democracy demand it.

Indeed they do.

Ever since we got wind of the Enbridge purchase of Spectra Energy, we’ve been saying #NoDAPL, #NoSabalTrail, #WaterIsLife, on the Withlacoochee River in Georgia, on the Suwannee River in Florida, and as far as NextEra and FPL headquarters in Juno Beach, Florida.

See you in Live Oak Thursday.

How many pipelines do we want?
When do we want them?
Video by Phil Hubbard for WWALS Watershed Coalition
Suwannee River, Tuesday September 13th 2016

 -jsq, John S. Quarterman, Suwannee RIVERKEEPER®

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