ARWT Resolution passed by Lanier County Commission 2018-01-08

Unanimously, after reviewing the ARWT Brochure and a few words by Suwannee Riverkeeper John S. Quarterman, the Lanier County Commission passed a Resolution to support the Alapaha River Water Trail (ARWT).

Alapaha River Water Trail Resolution, Board
Commissioners Paul Brockington (District 1), Susan Bowling (District 3), Harold Simpson (District 2), Dennis Fender (District 4), and Alex Lee (Chairman). Neil Ginty (County Administrator) in pink shirt.

I believe Commissioner Susan Bowling made the motion. Thanks to her and to the Commissioners for passing it, to County Administrator Neil Ginty for putting it on the agenda and to WWALS member April Huntley for asking for it to be scheduled.

Page 1 of 2, Agenda
Page 1 of 2, Agenda

Page 2 of 2, Agenda
Page 2 of 2, Agenda

Notice the next agenda item after ARWT, about stopping state fee diversions; see next post for that one.

UGA Extension sign FYI, they actually meet at the County Annex, home of the UGA Lanier County Extension office, 162 W Thigpen Ave, Lakeland, GA 31635, which from the courthouse is west past the hospital and the old Dairy Queen.

Building, Signs

 -jsq, John S. Quarterman, Suwannee RIVERKEEPER®

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ARWT Resolution

We’ll post a signed version when we get it; meanwhile, here’s the text.


WHEREAS the Alapaha River watershed runs north to south through Lanier County and forms its western boundary in the north and in the south; and

WHEREAS the Alapaha River is described in various guidebooks as “Jungle-like”, “luxurious”, with “A+” scenery of “exotic vegetation” and “dark reddish-brown waters”, with abundant wildlife; and

WHEREAS the citizens of Lanier County value the natural resources and outdoor recreation opportunities afforded by the Alapaha River and its watershed such as fishing, swimming, boating, and birding; and

WHEREAS the citizens value the Alapaha River for water quality and habitat protection; and

WHEREAS the citizens of the County will greatly benefit from the recreational and natural experiences provided by the water trail; and

WHEREAS the Alapaha River watershed also includes many lakes and ponds such as Banks Lake and Lake Irma that can be included in maps, brochures, and guides for the Alapaha River Water Trail; and

WHEREAS existing hiking and biking trails such as Lake Irma Trail and Banks Lake Trail that can be linked to the Water Trail to encourage more multi-purpose participation; and

WHEREAS this water trail is consistent with the comprehensive land use plan of Lanier County especially in its goals for blueways, parks, and multi-purpose trails for the enjoyment of the resident community and visitors; and

WHEREAS the economy of the County will benefit from visitors to the Water Trail, and a Water Trail is a feature of quality of life that is attractive to businesses and employees and so may contribute to the economic development of the county; and

WHEREAS the citizens of Lanier County and visitors from throughout the State of Georgia and the United States have for more than twenty (20) years regularly and openly enjoyed and exercised a right of passage by boat on the Alapaha River as it travels through Lanier County and along its boundaries, thereby establishing a public easement of passage on the river; and

WHEREAS the citizens of Atkinson, Berrien, Lanier, Lowndes, Echols, and Hamilton Counties all share in this valuable resource and have provided for access to the Alapaha River and to lakes and other streams in its watershed; and

WHEREAS the citizens of Lanier County have indicated their support for the water trail at Lanier County Commission meetings and outings on Banks Lake, Lake Irma, and the Alapaha River; and

WHEREAS the County has repeatedly supported parks and recreation with SPLOST and other funding; and

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Commissioners of Lanier County, Georgia;

Section 1: The concept of the Alapaha River Water Trail as outlined by the website is approved and hereby incorporated by reference; and

Section 2: That the public easement of passage established by more than twenty (20) years of regular and open travel by boat on the Alapaha River in and along the boundaries of Lanier County is hereby recognized and accepted by the Commission on behalf of the citizens of Lanier County, and visitors from throughout the State of Georgia and the United States; and

Section 3: That this Resolution shall take effect immediately upon its adoption; and

Section 4: That we hereby direct each department in the County to work individually, together, and with other governments and organizations to support and implement the water trail.