Sabal Trail to Gulfstream, Martin County, and where? 2018-01-18

Sabal Trail ramped up the last couple of days, to 196 thousand Dekatherms/day (MDTH/day) today. Most of that they’re shipping out to Gulfstream at Osceola. with a bit through FSC to FPL’s Martin County power plant, and the rest somewhere.

Why now? During the last cold spell, they spiked briefly in the first week of January, but dropped back to zero while there was snow on the ground in Florida.

So what are they up to now?

This month (2018-01-01 -- 2018-01-18), TIMELY

From the various pipeline’s FERC-required daily postings, Gulfstream shows getting 193,395 DTH from Sabal Trail Osceola, and delivering gas to many RPL FPL and Duke Energy Florida (DEF) plants, among others.

FGT today shows getting some gas from Gulfstream at Osceola and Hardee, and delivering gas to all sorts of plants, including many by Duke and FPL, including FPL Martin County.

FSC, Maps

FSC shows getting 75,377 from Sabal Trail, and delivering 75,000 to FPL Martin County today (but not yesterday or the day before).

Basically it looks like Sabal Trail is shipping almost all of its gas to Guflstream, and a fraction through FSC to the FPL Martin County plant. 193 to Gulfstream + 75 to FSC = 268, which is all but 28 MDTH/day of Sabal Trail’s 296.

Where is the remainder going? Some other pipeline? Some LNG export facility?

Still none of this demonstrates any need for Sabal Trail, since all those power plants were being supplied by other pipelines without Sabal Trail. Shut it down. Solar power for Florida, like Duke Energy Florida is already building in Hamilton County.

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