Livestream: Banks Lake Full Pink Moon Paddle, 2020-04-08

Shelby Miller will go live on the facebook event at 7:15 PM tonight. She’ll be streaming for an hour through sunset at 7:51 PM. She will have to miss moonrise in order to be out well before the 9PM Lanier County curfew.

[Sunset spire (MM)]
Photo: Monica McKenzie, Sunset spire (MM), Banks Lake, 2020-02-09.

Bobby McKenzie will be on Banks Lake with Shelby, paddling the raffle kayak, and also taking video for later publication.

WWALS Kayak Raffle 2020-07-12
WWALS Raffle Kayak, tickets available online.

So you can watch Shelby and Bobby on the Banks Lake Full Pink Moon Paddle either this evening through facebook live, or later in Bobby’s videos.

Whenever the curfews and the like are clear enough, we will resume our series of lunar-monthly WWALS Full Moon Paddles on Banks Lake. Until then, we’ll probably livestream.

Meanwhile, please stay home and help stop the spread of the novel Coronavirus and the COVID-19 disease it causes.

While you’re home, please post your pictures and videos of your outings on lakes, rivers, creeks, swamps, springs, etc.

Feel free to get a ticket to the WWALS kayak raffle of an Emotion Stealth 11 Sit-On-Top Kayak with Carlisle Paddle.

You can attend some of our virtual events, such as the WWALS livestreams of one or two people at the sites and original dates of the postponed

You can visit our WWALS festival booth, currently located in the woods, since we are not attending any festivals at least through the end of March.

[Welcome to the booth]
Welcome to the booth

You can contribute to our Water Quality Testing Program, which is a solitary activity that our volunteers continue. We just ordered another big box of Petrifilms, which costs a heap of money for a tiny nonprofit, so your financial assistance will be appreciated. Here’s a WWALS video playlist of me explaining some recent results.

Suwannee Riverkeeper John S. Quarterman explaining water quality results for
Filthy Crooked Creek, clean Okapilco Creek upstream 2020-03-20
Video by Gretchen Quarterman for WWALS Watershed Coalition (WWALS),
at the WWALS booth in the woods, 2020-03-21.

We are posting a bunch of videos from last year’s Suwannee Riverkeeper Songwriting Contest, in preparation for the Third Annual, which is still on for August 22, 2020. Song is open now!

[Third Annual Suwannee Riverkeeper Songwriting Contest]

We are still working up brochures and signs for the two WWALS water trails, planning for the Troupville River Camp, and fundraising for a lawsuit against FERC. You can help.

The WWALS Boomerang Paddle Race, from Georgia to Florida and back again, is still on for Saturday, October 24, 2020. It doesn’t have a shuttle, so even if physical distancing continues that long, we can probably find a way.

WWALS Boomerang 2020

For more WWALS outings and events as they are posted, see the WWALS calendar or the WWALS outings and events web page. WWALS members also get an upcoming list in the Tannin Times newsletter.

 -jsq, John S. Quarterman, Suwannee RIVERKEEPER®

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