Withlacoochee River still clean 2020-05-25

Update 2020-06-02: Clean Little and Withlacoochee Rivers 2020-05-31.

Still more good water quality results from Madison Health and Valdosta for last Thursday and Friday, and from WWALS tester Suzy Hall Saturday and Monday, so all the Withlacoochee River “beaches” on Swim Guide remain green for “Meets water quality standards”.

Because there still hasn’t been hardly any rain, nothing much has washed into our waterways. Yes, now we’re really taking down our WWALS yellow diamond Caution signs.

WWALS will continue testing and consolidating results. You can help.

[Nankin Boat Ramp in Swim Guide]
Nankin Boat Ramp in Swim Guide

Suzy Hall for WWALS got 200 cfu/100 mL E. coli for Knights Ferry Boat Ramp on Saturday, May 23, 2020. While that’s higher than the long-term average limit of 126, it’s well lower than the one-time limit of 410.

Monday at Nankin, she got zero, and at State Line she got 33.

See also What do these numbers mean?.

[Still clean 2020-05-25]
Still clean 2020-05-25
For context, including the entire WWALS composite water quality table of results from both Georgia and Florida, see wwals.net/issues/testing/.

Last Thursday, Madison Health got 0, 0, and 10 at State Line, CR 150, and FL 6, respectively. Last Friday, Valdosta got 20, 100, and 100 at US 41, GA 133, and US 84.

[Clean for another week]
Clean for another week

Suzy photographed the sample water she collected in WhirlPaks.

[Knights Ferry (rotated)]
Knights Ferry (rotated)

On the left in each of these pictures is distilled water for a control plate.

[Nankin, State Line (rotated)]
Nankin, State Line (rotated)

As you can see, State Line looked the cleanest.

However, Nankin was the cleanest.

[Petrifilms: Nankin, State Line (rotated)]
Petrifilms: Nankin, State Line (rotated)

So that goes to show yet again that you can’t see E. coli bacteria in the water.

[Cook County Boat Ramp to Running Springs]
Cook County Boat Ramp (top left) to Running Springs (lower right)
in WWALS map of all public launches and Boat Ramps in the Suwannee River Basin.

We still don’t know what is going on downstream on the Suwannee River, because nobody is testing there. Floridians, maybe you’d like to ask your elected and appointed officials to do regular testing. If Valdosta and Lowndes County, Georgia can do that to the state line, Florida can test from there to the Gulf.

 -jsq, John S. Quarterman, Suwannee RIVERKEEPER®

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