Very clean Withlacoochee River 2020-10-15

Update 2020-10-23: Clean Withlacoochee River Thursday for WWALS Boomerang Saturday 2020-10-22.

Update 2020-10-20: Adel spilled ten days ago; did not show up in downstream water quality data 2020-10-10.

Water quality results from WWALS and Madison Health for Thursday and from Valdosta for Wednesday concur: happy boating, swimming, and fishing on the Withlacoochee River this weekend!

While all such results are merely advisory, because conditions can change very quickly, also there has been very little rain to wash anything into the river, and no reported sewage spills.

[KF, Nankin, State Line, Results, Swim Guide, plate]
KF, Nankin, State Line, Results, Swim Guide, plate

WWALS testers Michael and Jacob Bachrach got 33 cfu/100 mL E. coli at Knights Ferry Boat Ramp for Thursday, October 15, 2020, and zero for Nankin and State Line Boat Ramps.

[Knights Ferry, Nankin, and State Line Boat Ramps]
Knights Ferry, Nankin, and State Line Boat Ramps

WWALS testers Suzy Hall, Tasha Ekman LaFace, Gretchen Quarterman, and John S. Quarterman agree that the only E. coli colony on any of the Bachrachs’ plates is one on this Knights Ferry plate.

[Knights Ferry 3 Oct-15-2020]
Knights Ferry 3 Oct-15-2020

Madison Health also got zero at the state line for Thursday, and only 10 at CR 150 (Sullivan Launch) and FL 6 (Madison Blue Spring). For Wednesday, Valdosta got only slightly higher results at Knights Ferry, Nankin, and State Line. For Okapilco Creek @ US 84, Valdosta got only 150, which is pretty good for that location. Upstream on the Withlacoochee River at US 84, GA 133, and US 41, Valdosta’s E. coli results were also good, although there was somewhat high Fecal coliform at US 41.

[Clean Oct 10-15 2020]
Clean Oct 10-15 2020
For context and the entire WWALS composite spreadsheet of Georgia and Florida water quality testing results, see:

Last week was almost as clean. That 2,000 WWALS testers Truday and Conn Cole got on Crooked Creek @ Devane Road apparently really did not wash anything down into the Withlacoochee River. The rain on Friday, October 9 also apparently was not enough to cause any problems.

[Clean Oct 4-9 2020]
Clean Oct 4-9 2020

So all the WWALS Withlacoochee River “beaches” are green on Swim Guide.


Happy Withlacoochee River weekend!

Thanks to all the WWALS testers, and to Valdosta PIO Ashlyn Johnson for getting the Valdosta results published before the weekend, and to William D. Gibson of the Florida Department of Health for sending WWALS FDOH back data.

 -jsq, John S. Quarterman, Suwannee RIVERKEEPER®

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