Ichetucknee State Park 2020-01-04

When WWALS first paddled from Ichetucknee Springs in January, it happened to be both Ichy Nippy Dip Day and anniversaries of both Ichetucknee State Park and of Florida State Parks.

Here are some pictures from the shore.

We did it again two weeks later, and we’re doing it again in January 2021. Stay tuned.

Ichetucknee Spring

[No people yet]
No people yet

Signing in

[Happy in the drizzle]
Happy in the drizzle

Boat Ramp

[Sara Jay with a blanket]
Sara Jay with a blanket

Iche Nippy Dip Day

[Rangers celebrating anniversaries of this park and park system]
Rangers celebrating anniversaries of this park and park system


[Found in the spring]
Found in the spring

Our Santa Fe River

[Happy OSFR]
Happy OSFR

Back at the boat ramp

[Boats and banner]
Boats and banner

On the water

[Boards and boats]
Boards and boats

These pictures are all from the shore because I had the flu or something (no, not COVID) and did not paddle.

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 -jsq, John S. Quarterman, Suwannee RIVERKEEPER®

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