Clean Rivers 2022-02-03

Update 2022-02-12: Clean Rivers 2022-02-10.

Clean rivers all week, according to Valdosta in the middle and WWALS upstream and down.

There is some rain falling today in Georgia, but probably not enough to wash much into the rivers.

I would paddle this weekend. Actually, I am, tomorrow, Saturday, February 5, 2022, from US 41 on the Alapaha River to Gibson Park on the Suwannee River. Expedition leader Shirley Kokidko says, “There is limited room for vehicles at the put-in so everyone needs to park up by the highway and carry kayaks down to the river. It is muddy and slippery at the launch. I would not recommend this outing for beginners due to alot of strainers and deadfall in the river with a good current also pushing you along. The water is cold and it is predicted to be a cool day so bring a change of clothes, just in case.”

[Chart, River, Swim Guide]
Chart, River, Swim Guide

No new sewage spills have been reported. GA-EPD on January 28 did update the Ashburn 40,000 gallon January 1 spill to note correctly that Hat Creek is in the Suwannee River Basin (not Ocmulgee), after I pointed out their typo. As usual, we have seen no sign of that E. coli on the Alapaha River, nor of any from Ashburn’s 30,000 gallon January 16 spill, presumably because Ashburn is so far upstream.

[Clean Rivers, Charts 2022-02-03]
Clean Rivers, Charts 2022-02-03
For context and the entire WWALS spreadsheet of water quality data, rainfall, and sewage spills, see

Thanks to Joe Brownlee and Georgia Power for a generous grant for water quality testing equipment and materials.

You or your organization could also donate to the WWALS volunteer water quality testing program.

Or maybe you’d like to become a WWALS water quality tester. The next training is coming up Saturday, February 12, 2022.

So I’ve set green on all the recently-tested WWALS “beaches” on Swim Guide.

[Clean Rivers, Swim Guide 2022-02-03]
Clean Rivers, Swim Guide 2022-02-03


Thanks to WWALS tester Elizabeth Brunner for her three sites on GA 122.

[Folsom Bridge Landing, Little River @ GA 122 2022-02-03]
Folsom Bridge Landing, Little River @ GA 122 2022-02-03

[Folsom Bridge Landing, Little River @ GA 122 2022-02-03]
Folsom Bridge Landing, Little River @ GA 122 2022-02-03


[Lakeland Boat Ramp, Alapaha River @ GA 122 2022-02-03]
Lakeland Boat Ramp, Alapaha River @ GA 122 2022-02-03

[Plates, Lakeland Boat Ramp 2022-02-03]
Plates, Lakeland Boat Ramp 2022-02-03


[Plates, Hagan Bridge Landing 2022-02-03]
Plates, Hagan Bridge Landing 2022-02-03


Thanks to Gus Cleary for his site on the Withlacoochee River downstream from Allen Ramp.

[Cleary Bluff, Withlacoochee River @ NE Withla Bluffs Way 2022-02-02]
Cleary Bluff, Withlacoochee River @ NE Withla Bluffs Way 2022-02-02

[Plates, Cleary Bluff 2022-02-02]
Plates, Cleary Bluff 2022-02-02

 -jsq, John S. Quarterman, Suwannee RIVERKEEPER®

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