Sugar Creek trash after a half inch of rain 2022-03-16

Kentucky Fried Chicken, Michelob Ultra, vitamin water, and many other bottles cans, and styrofoam, were netted in two cleanouts at the WWALS trash boom in Sugar Creek. The first was after a weekend half-inch rain, then after the Monday half-inch rain.

[Trash and boom, Sugar Creek]
Trash and boom, Sugar Creek

KFC appears to have three locations in Valdosta:

  • 1207 N. Ashley Street, which is near One Mile Branch upstream of Drexel Park.
  • 3026 N. Ashley Street, which is near the top of Three Mile Branch, which does not run into Sugar Creek.
  • 1300 St. Augustine Road, which should drain into Lake Sheri, and be caught by Valdosta’s one existing trash trap west on Baytree Road.

Sure, anybody could have thrown that KFC cup away anywhere. But if it came off a KFC parking lot, I’d guess the one at 1207 N. Ashley Street.


WWALS volunteer Russell McBride remarked, “Even able to get some small styrofoam pieces. Took about 20 total minutes.”

[Trash at boom]
Trash at boom


Michelob Ultra and Fireball Canadian Whiskey were among the identifiable brands in this trash haul. What stores sell those?

[Trash at boom]
Trash at boom

 -jsq, John S. Quarterman, Suwannee RIVERKEEPER®

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