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Getting an upgrade: Valdosta’s Lee Street Detention Pond Trash Trap 2023-02-09

Bobby McKenzie reports, “So the trash trap at Lee Street pond is getting an upgrade…”

No doubt everyone agrees with Bobby when he says, “Hope it works!”

[Looking upstream, Lee St. trash trap construction, --Bobby McKenzie 2023-01-09]
Looking upstream, Lee St. trash trap construction, –Bobby McKenzie 2023-01-09

He elaborates: Continue reading

Pictures: Lee St. Detention Pond Cleanup 2022-10-21

Those of us who came to the Friday morning trash reporting cleanup at Valdosta’s Lee St. Detention POnd got some bags of trash and reported a couple of Click ‘n’ Fixes.

Y’all come this afternoon, 2PM, Sunday, October 23, 2022, for another Click ‘n’ Fix reporting and cleanup, led by Bobby McKenzie. Park at Mr. B’s IGA, 1405 N Lee St., Valdosta, GA 31601. We’ll forage for trash from there.

[Trash, trash trap, banners]
Trash, trash trap, banners

The goal is to stop the trash before it gets into One Mile Branch, whic flows into Sugar Creek and the Withlacoochee River. Valdosta can do what its Stormwater Permit requires and educate businesses to keep trash from escaping their parking lots. Or it can enforce Valdosta’s trash ordinances. The more people reporting such violations, the more likely something will be done.

Thanks to Mr. B for keeping the parking lot at Mr. B’s IGA pretty clean. There is room for improvement, in putting trash cans in the parking lot. He said he would consider it.

It turns out the strip of land with the drainage ditch just south of Mr. B’s IGA is Continue reading

Fixed: storm drain next to Hightower Creek, Valdosta 2022-03-14

Congratulations, Valdosta, on getting this detention pond cleaned up and this private storm drain fixed. The fix didn’t even cost much. Yet it should keep some trash from going into Hightower Creek, Sugar Creek, and the Withlacoochee River.

Thanks to this property owner for pioneering such a fix. Other parking lot detention pond drains could probably apply similar inexpensive fixes.

You can help by reporting any trash or litter problem you see in Valdosta with Valdosta’s Click ‘n’ Fix smartphone app.

For trash or other problems elsewhere, here’s how to report: https://wwals.net/report/.

[Before and after]
Before and after

The drain fix is that bit of sawed-in-half pipe attached to the drain structure. It keeps trash from washing straight out. Instead, trash collects in the concrete block structure while water runs out the top. Inexpensive, yet should be effective. Continue reading

KFC to Sugar Creek 2022-03-21

Here may be how that KFC trash got into the WWALS boom on Sugar Creek.

Remember, you can report trash problems through Valdosta’s Click ‘n’ Fix smartphone app. For trash or other problems elsewhere, here’s how to report: https://wwals.net/report/.

[KFC trash, creeks, boom]
KFC trash, creeks, boom

There’s a Kentucky Fried Chicken at 1300 St. Augustine Road, marked by the big red pushbutton on the map. Continue reading

Sugar Creek trash after a half inch of rain 2022-03-16

Kentucky Fried Chicken, Michelob Ultra, vitamin water, and many other bottles cans, and styrofoam, were netted in two cleanouts at the WWALS trash boom in Sugar Creek. The first was after a weekend half-inch rain, then after the Monday half-inch rain.

[Trash and boom, Sugar Creek]
Trash and boom, Sugar Creek

KFC appears to have three locations in Valdosta:

  • 1207 N. Ashley Street, which is near One Mile Branch upstream of Drexel Park.
  • 3026 N. Ashley Street, which is near the top of Three Mile Branch, which does not run into Sugar Creek.
  • 1300 St. Augustine Road, which should drain into Lake Sheri, and be caught by Valdosta’s one existing trash trap west on Baytree Road.

Sure, anybody could have thrown that KFC cup away anywhere. But if it came off a KFC parking lot, I’d guess the one at 1207 N. Ashley Street. Continue reading