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Single paddler down the Suwannee River 2022-03-17

Update 2022-03-23: Holton Creek to Dowling Park River Camp, Suwannee River –DB Marsh 2022-03-23.

Danny “DB” Marsh is paddling a thousand mile loop from Fernandina Beach and back. He is currently at Woods Ferry River Camp on the Suwannee River, where I just talked to him on the telephone.

[Paddling the Suwannee]
Paddling the Suwannee

He bypassed the Okefenokee Swamp because he didn’t realize how far in advance you have to reserve sleeping platforms. So he put in on the Suwannee at Fargo. Like many of us, he hopes that nice welcome center reopens some time soon.

He is from Montana, and is still amazed by alligators.

“To this Montana boy, seeing them up close and free is a mixture of amazement, joy and terror at the same time. They however wanted nothing to do with me, and would dive from their riverbanks into the water with huge splashes to watch me pass from their safety of the water. I counted 13 that day, I’m sure many more were unseen.”

[Fargo Welcome Center vacant]
Fargo Welcome Center vacant

He has solar panels to recharge his electronics, but it’s nice to get to a River Camp with electricity, so he appreciates the Suwannee River Wilderness Trail. Continue reading

WWALS at Hahira Pick In, Train Depot 2022-03-19

Restarting a Hahira tradition. There will be live music from 12 – 10 p.m., food trucks, and vendors!

Hahira is between the Little and Withlacoochee Rivers, and the Hahira City Council in 2018 passed a resolution in support of the Withlacoochee and Little River Water Trail (WLRWT).

When: 12 PM, Sunset 7:43:00 PM, end 10 PM, Saturday, March 19, 2022

Put In: Train Depot, 220 W Main St, Hahira, GA 31632

GPS: 30.991672, -83.374304

Fee: The City of Hahira is charging a $20 entrance fee, or $10 for children ages 6-13.
Or WWALS members can volunteer at the WWALS booth.
We recommend you support the work of WWALS by becoming a WWALS member today!

Event: facebook, meetup

[WWALS booth, Hahira Pick In]
WWALS booth, Hahira Pick In
(WWALS booth pictures by Gretchen Quarterman from Hahira Honeybee Festival 2021-10-02)

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Sugar Creek trash after a half inch of rain 2022-03-16

Kentucky Fried Chicken, Michelob Ultra, vitamin water, and many other bottles cans, and styrofoam, were netted in two cleanouts at the WWALS trash boom in Sugar Creek. The first was after a weekend half-inch rain, then after the Monday half-inch rain.

[Trash and boom, Sugar Creek]
Trash and boom, Sugar Creek

KFC appears to have three locations in Valdosta:

  • 1207 N. Ashley Street, which is near One Mile Branch upstream of Drexel Park.
  • 3026 N. Ashley Street, which is near the top of Three Mile Branch, which does not run into Sugar Creek.
  • 1300 St. Augustine Road, which should drain into Lake Sheri, and be caught by Valdosta’s one existing trash trap west on Baytree Road.

Sure, anybody could have thrown that KFC cup away anywhere. But if it came off a KFC parking lot, I’d guess the one at 1207 N. Ashley Street. Continue reading