Pictures: Banks Lake Full Frost Moon paddle 2022-11-08

Lindsey Williams says, “Nice evening out on Banks Lake. It was just 4 of us but we have a great time.”

[Sunset, Boaters, Moonrise 2022-11-08]
Sunset, Boaters, Moonrise 2022-11-08

Thanks to Lindsey Williams for leading this one at the last minute, the Banks Lake Full Frost Moon Paddle, 2022-11-08. There was confusion about who was going to lead it, and being on a Tuesday and starting before most people were off from work, not many people showed up.

The next one is also mid-week and early, but maybe more people will come: Banks Lake Full Cold Moon Paddle, 2022-12-07.

Below are pictures of the November paddle from Lindsey’s facebook photoset.

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[Sunset behind cypress]
Sunset behind cypress


[Moon rising]
Moon rising

 -jsq, John S. Quarterman, Suwannee RIVERKEEPER®

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