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What is this creek next to Skipper Bridge, Withlacoochee River? 2022-11-03

Update 2022-11-07: It’s Crawford Branch next to Skipper Bridge, Withlacoochee River 2022-11-03.

Just south (downstream) of Skipper Bridge, left (east) bank, Withlacoochee River: what is this creek gushing water during a drought?

[Pictures, Map]
Pictures, Map

Where is all that water coming from? It was really flowing Thursday, after no rain for weeks. Continue reading

Pictures: Dam, Troupville, Little River, GA 133, 2022-11-03

Update 2022-11-07: a few more dam pictures in here: Troupville River Park Scouting 2022-07-02.

About halfway between Troupville Boat Ramp and the Troup Bridge (the GA 133 Little River Bridge), are these remains of an old dam.

Phillip Williams pointed this out some time back.

Maybe Don Davis can turn up some records of this dam.

[Timbers seen from downstream, 11:05:42, 30.8519297, -83.3472014]
Timbers seen from downstream, 11:05:42, 30.8519297, -83.3472014 in the WWALS Map of the Withlacoochee and Little River Water Trail

Bridge pilings are vertical, not horizontal.

Horizontal timbers would make sense to hold a dam in place. Right next to Troupville would be a good place for a mill, which would need a dam. Continue reading