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Troupville River Park Kiosk 2022-07-02

A tour around the future site of Troupville River Camp and River Park, at and near the Little River Confluence with the Withlacoochee River, just west of Valdosta, on GA 133 at Val Tech Road, off of I-75 Exit 18. Included are some more pictures of that old dam site and the likely location of the Thomasville Stage Road Bridge on the Little River. Withlacoochee River pictures include the proposed takeout for Troupville River Camp, a slough, and several cleared deadfalls. Plus Old Broad Street. All this could go on a kiosk for Troupville River Park.

[Collage, Troupville, 2022-07-02]
Collage, Troupville, 2022-07-02

Using datapoints from this and other walkarounds, this map includes the apparent routes of two streets of old Troupville, the seat of Lowndes County before Valdosta: Continue reading

It’s Crawford Branch next to Skipper Bridge, Withlacoochee River

Phillip Williams has the answer to the first question about the creek that gushes out of the woods into the Withlacoochee River just downstream of Skipper Bridge Road: “For most of the 1800s, it was called Shanks Mill Creek after James D Shanks, who owned a fair bit of land in the area and had a mill a bit further up the run of the creek. By 1908, it was called Crawford Branch. The Crawford family moved to the area in 1866 and purchased the land from the heirs of James D Shanks.”

[Map: Shanks Mill next to Crawford Branch, in WWALS WLRWT map]
Map: Shanks Mill next to Crawford Branch in the WWALS map of the Withlacoochee and Little River Water Trail.

Phillip has also provided the approximate location of Shanks Mill: “”The deeds suggest somewhere in the WH of LL 99. LD 11. I have been locating it about here based upon the geography.” You can see it on the map above, behind Ziegler’s Auto Body Shop, about where there are dams now on a feeder creek.

How does Phillip know all this? Continue reading