Troupville at flood with dogs 2022-01-20

Me and the dogs were curious to see what the site of future Troupville Nature Park looked like at high water.

[Collage, Troupville River Park site, 2022-01-20]
Collage, Troupville River Park site, 2022-01-20

We did not make any exciting new discoveries; we just went to see how far we could go south and east at that water level. Well, we did find plenty of trash of various kinds.

The water level has been higher, but it was pretty high:

  • 14.5′ (147.3′ NAVD88) on the Folsom Bridge Gauge (Little River @ GA 122).
  • 14.16′ (124.56′ NAVD88) on the Valdosta Gauge (Withlacoochee River @ US 41 or North Valdosta Road)

Many pictures are on the WWALS website.

You can trace our path be the loop of binoculars on this google map, as we walked from Troupville Boat Ramp, south to the crossroads, east to the borrow pit, then south along Old Broad Street until it got wet, then east until wet again, and back north and west again. You can see the edge of the wet approximates the visible boundary between pine trees and hardwoods on the map.

Click on any icon to see a picture at that location. All locations are approximate, depending on GPS on an Android phone.

 -jsq, John S. Quarterman, Suwannee RIVERKEEPER®

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