Take Me to the Suwannee –David Rodock @ Suwannee Riverkeeper Songwriting Contest 2022-08-20

And, finally, the winner of Best Song from Inside the Suwannee River Basin for $50 and First Prize for $300: David Rodock, of Adel, Georgia, with Take Me to the Suwannee.

[Take Me to the Suwannee --David Rodock]
Take Me to the Suwannee –David Rodock

Here’s what he wrote about himself, “ “Writer” turned “musician””

About the song, he wrote, “twenty minutes and a pot of coffee on a Sunday morning effort”.

The judges and the audience thought that was a good effort. He said he will be be back. Imagine if he applied himself!

Here is a WWALS video playlist:

Take Me to the Suwannee –David Rodock, Best Inside and First Prize
Suwannee Riverkeeper Songwriting Contest 2022-08-20

Thanks for playing, David!

You can see he managed to mention the Alapaha, Withlacoochee, and Suwannee Rivers while telling a musical story.

[Take Me to the Suwannee closeup --David Rodock]
Take Me to the Suwannee closeup –David Rodock

Take Me to the Suwannee © David Rodock

in the okefenokee
back in 79
a couple young lovers
say it’s about time
we bring another into this crazy world

so they ran on down to
alapaha he said ye and she said haw
and before ya knew it
she was as full as the moon

ooooohhh but he had places to go
somewhere where the water wasn’t so slow
so he pulled up the stakes
and went on back to the city

mama gave birth in the withlacoochie
raised the boy w gators and hoochie coochies
and decided to call the isaac
well she sent him downstream n one afternoon
said i love ya son and i’ll see ya soon
i hope the river raises you right

and boy it shure did
you shoulda seen that kid
he could fly through the trees and soak up hte breeze like no other
no other

the years flew by
and he found a disguise
to live with the humans
be one of the guys
and leave all that river stuff
back at home

but when that boy gets alone
songs of the river come out his bones
and he can’t help hisself no he cant help
hisself no more
and he goes:

take me to the suwannee
thats where i wanna be
floating away floating away in a dream x2
in a dream

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And you can see videos of the entire contest.

 -jsq, John S. Quarterman, Suwannee RIVERKEEPER®

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