Bill Gates responds on MSNBC to my criticisms of his farm policies 2022-09-13

Last night Bill Gates again pretended to be an expert on farming, while avoiding mention of water, soil, ecology, environment, or community. Many of the assertions he made about farming in the U.S. and Africa don’t match documented research. He did seem to be familiar with my criticisms of his policies, and by his expressions […]

Bill Gates, farms, rivers, springs

Update 2022-09-14: Bill Gates responds on MSNBC to my criticisms of his farm policies 2022-09-13. The NBC News story has legs. Rebecca Heilweil, Vox, 11 June 2021, The controversy over Bill Gates becoming the largest private farmland owner in the US: People are drawing connections between Gates’s vast farmlands and climate change advocacy. One Georgia […]

Bill Gates did nothing to stop fertilizer nitrates leaching into springs and rivers –Suwannee Riverkeeper via NBC News 2021-06-08

Update 2022-09-14: Bill Gates responds on MSNBC to my criticisms of his farm policies 2022-09-13. Update 2021-06-18: Bill Gates, farms, rivers, springs (Vox story). The story doesn’t say BMAP, but it does get at the heart of the problem the Basin Management Action Plans don’t actually solve, and Bill Gates did not, either. April Glaser, […]

Bill Gates, Suwannee Farms, Lakeland Sands, examples from the air 2016-06-21

Here are a few pictures of some Bill Gates properties from the MIDS Southwings flyover of June 21st, 2016, including Suwannee Farms which we previously discovered a Gates subsidiary had bought. Notice how close these lands are to the Suwannee River or the Withlacoochee River and Madison Blue Spring. Some of them look freshly cleared. […]

Bill Gates considered toxic to springs –Dan Hilliard

It’s not the Gates Foujndation: it’s his private investment arm. And Lakeland Sands is not the only LLC shell corp he’s using to buy up land in Suwannee, Hamilton, and Madison Counties, FL and Lowndes and Echols Counties, GA; see /issues/corpag/. Dan Hilliard, Citrus County Chronicle, 31 July 2016, Bill Gates and the death of […]

Suwannee Farms, Lakeland Sands, and Bill Gates in Suwannee County, FL

Why does a farm need an industrial wastewater facility permit? WWALS got an email alert from FDEP about such a permit request for Suwannee Farms LLC on June 11th. A bit of digging shows it’s apparently now owned by Bill Gates, along with many more nearby acres in center pivot agriculture. Permit: Water – Industrial […]

Bill Gates land purchases, Florida Springs Council, and Adams Spring

The Florida Springs Council (FSC) is concerned about Bill Gates, Lakeland Sands and others investing in Florida and south Georgia Land for industrial farming operations, reports Chris Mericle, WWALS delegate to FSC. FSC, like WWALS, would like to know more, and is trying to contact Bill Gates to start a dialog about sustainable farming practices. […]

Bill Gates in Suwannee County, FL

Lakeland Sands LLC has bought 341.26 acres for Bill Gates in Suwannee County, Florida, about six miles from the Suwannee River. All seven parcels adjoin, and are located on or near the corner of 44th Street and 167th Road: Here’s a list from the Suwannee County Property Appraiser. Interestingly, one of those parcels shows

28 Bill Gates parcels in Madison County, FL

More than 1,000 acres through September 2014, in parcels already adding up to more than 250 acres, or in contiguous or nearby parcels that can be combined, all bought by Lakeland Sands LLC. On SE Farm Road and FL 63, between Madison and Lee, 30.423520, -83.353757, parcels 01-1S-09-0843-000-000 (374 acres), 06-1S-10-1192-000-000 (568.35 acres), 05-1S-10-1187-000-000 (363.161 […]

Bill Gates in Lowndes County in the Alapaha River watershed

The east side of Lake Park and east of Naylor: acreage bought by a shell of a shell of a shell of Bill Gates’ investment company in the past two years. 170.57 acres in Parcel 0224 003 just east of Lake Park, plus another 126 acres in adjoining parcels inside and outside of Lake Park, […]