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Jennings Bluff State Geological Site 2023-03-17

Update 2023-03-23: Pictures: Jennings Bluff Florida State Geological Site with Dead River Sink 2023-03-17.

Update 2023-03-16: Partly cloudy and 62 degrees at Jennings at 10 AM, is the current prediction for tomorrow. See you at Jennings Bluff.

One of the most popular WWALS destinations is becoming a Florida State Geological Site.

[Dead River Sink 2022-10-02, Jennings Bluff Tract, Hamilton County, Florida]
Dead River Sink 2022-10-02, Jennings Bluff Tract, Hamilton County, Florida

We last did a WWALS hike to the Dead River Sink on October 2, 2022, after paddling down the Alapaha River in the Alapaha River Water Trail (ARWT).

Celebrate Designation of Jennings Bluff Tract as a State Geological Site,

~Short walk to Dead River Swallet will follow ceremony~

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Sasser Landing to Jennings Bluff & Dead River Sink 2015-06-14

See three sinks, a waterfall, and a distributary in these videos from the WWALS Outing to Turket Creek Waterfall, the Alapahoochee River, the Alapaha River Sink, and the Dead River Sink, June 14, 2015. A WWALS video playlist follows the links to each video below. Continue reading

Sasser landing to Jennings Bluff, WWALS Outing 2015-06-14

Update 2015-06-10: Expedition leader Chris Mericle writes:

I am pleased to report that the Alapaha River water level has increased since my last report (May 31). The Statenville gauge reports an increase of .9′ The Jennings gauage reports an increase of .8′. There should be plenty of water in the river for this weekend’s outing.

Float down the Alapaha River for a couple of hours, then walk to the Dead River Sink, where it disappears into the Floridan Aquifer. facebook event.

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Alapaha River Sink 2014-11-11

Deanna Mericle posted on facebook 11 November 2014,

Chris and I hiked the riverbed of the Alapaha River and found the other sink!

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