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Delineation of Spring Protection Areas

These figures tell the story of springsheds in a coastal lowland karst plain such as much of the Suwannee River Basin. Maybe you already know all this, but if you don’t, these pictures may help make sense of Springsheds and Water Withdrawal Permits in the Suwannee River Basin.

Fig. 11_1: Groundwater Basin

A spring is fed from a ground-water basin.

Fig. 11_1: Groundwater Basin

Fig. 12_1: Springshed Protection Area

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Local recharge through sinkholes and drainage wells moves underground

With the artesian level as much as 100 feet above sea level and the land surface is seldom more than 200 feet, a Sabal Trail pipeline drilling frac-out wouldn’t have to go far to get into the Floridan Aquifer groundwater used by wells around here. We already saw such water contamination would go underground is hard to predict. This is not news: here’s a paper from 1966 with the main points.

Artesian Water in Tertiary Limestone in the Southeastern States, By V. T. Stringfield, GEOLOGICAL SURVEY PROFESSIONAL PAPER 517, 1966. Continue reading