Most committees meet as needed, and include members who are not on the board. All committees report to the board, usually through the Executive Committee. See Committee System.

There are openings on the board right now, and always on the some of the committees. If you want to apply, please fill out the application form.

The committees are, in alphabetical order:

Executive Committee

John S. Quarterman (President), Dave Hetzel (Secretary and Ambassador), and Gretchen Quarterman (Treasurer).

Consists of the officers, makes decisions between board meetings, authorized to approve up to $300 in expenditures without full Board approval and to make other decisions as needed, including to appoint members to committees. Meets approximately monthly, usually by teleconference.

Nominating Committee

John S. Quarterman (Chair), Shirley Kokidko, Bret Wagenhorst, and Dan Phllips. Appointed at the April 14, 2019 WWALS Quarterly Board Meeting to nominate a slate of board members for the open positions for the July 14, 2019 Annual Member Meeting, and for the immediately following Quarterly Board Meeting to nominate a slate of officers.

Membership Committee

Gretchen Quarterman (Chair), Dave Hetzel, Garry Gentry, and Deanna Mericle. Added Patrick Kunes 16 August 2015. Added Amy Wiegenstein 18 May 2016. Added Sara Squires 14 January 2018. Added Steve Miller March 31, 2018. Added Laura D’Alisera November 21, 2019.

The mission of the WWALS membership committee is to manage membership records with the goal of building and retaining a strong diversified membership.

This includes maintaining the membership database (spreadsheet), any on-line mailing lists, and communications with the membership.

You can help WWALS conserve our watersheds by joining today!

Finance Committee

Reconstituted July 14, 2019, by the WWALS Board, with Gretchen Quarterman (Chair), Dave Hetzel, Tom H. Johnson Jr., and John S. Quarterman. Added Laura D’Alisera September 27, 2019.

Mission: Think ahead about finances.

Grant Writing Committee

Gretchen Quarterman (Chair). Created by WWALS board 13 April 2016. Added Tom Potter 18 May 2016. Added Mary Thieme July 13, 2018. Added Sara Squires April 21, 2019. Added Laura D’Alisera, Tom H. Johnson Jr., Conn Cole, Trudy Cole, 14 July 2019. Added Bobby McKenzie 7 November 2019. Added Shelby Miller 9 February 2020.

Mission: Write grant applications.

Science Committee

Research and respositories. Dr. Tom Potter Chair. Members: Dr. Tom Potter, Dr. Bret Wagenhorst, Phil Hubbard, John S. Quarterman. Created by WWALS board 14 August 2016. Added Prof. Can Denizman 2 January 2017. Added Steven M. Thompson 19 January 2017. Added Prof. Don Thieme 1 September 2019. Added Prof. Burt Carter 4 March 2020.

Outings Committee

Added Bobby McKenzie 31 January 2018 (Chair 20 October 2019), Bret Wagenhorst (former Chair), Chris Mericle (former Chair -2016), Chris Graham (-2016), Dallas Bush (-2016), Edwin Brunot (-2016), and April Huntley (-2016). Added Martin Register 18 August 2015 -2016. Added Tom Potter 29 February 2016. Added Phil Hubbard 11 April 2016. Added Shirley Kokidko 26 March 2017. Added Jeff Patton and Dan Phillips 12 July 2017. Added Dan Coleman 20 October 2017. Added Scotti Jay 3 November 2017. Added Dave Pharr 14 July 2019. Added Randy Madison 12 January 2020. Added Russell McBride 4 June 2020.

The mission of the outings committee is to plan and organize paddles, hikes, clean-ups and other outdoor activities to encourage use of public waterways and lands, which will promote enjoyment, stewardship, awareness and conservation of the waters and lands within the WWALS watersheds.

See the WWALS Outings Checklist. Below is a summary of some major items from that checklist.

  • Schedule outings with enough advance notice so people can make arrangements to attend; preferably 3 months in advance.
  • Have all outings details logged onto the WWALS site (spreadsheet) in a timely manner for the PR and Membership committees to be able to get the word out about the upcoming outings [see WWALS calendar].
  • Each outing will have a designated leader responsible for/in charge of each trip.
  • Each outing will have a back up location in case water levels/conditions are not conducive for an outing at the original location.
  • Short notice outings may be planned to take advantage of special conditions.
  • Actively pursue new participants for both outings and the committee.
  • Share knowledge of the waterways and lands with other interested groups or individuals.

Some pictures of the annual BIG Little River Paddle Race: SW gjkq, jsq.

Events Committee

Eileen Box (Chair), Karan A. Rawlins, Bret Wagenhorst, Dave Hetzel, and Heather Brasell. Added Tom Potter and Sara Squires 14 January 2018. Added Steve Miller March 31, 2018. Added Erica McLelland 2 August 2018. Added Randy Madison 12 January 2020.

See the Outings and Events page.

Seminars and other mostly indoor meetings, such as the WWALS Watershed Conference, Tifton, GA, 24 August 2013, about the single largest assets you’ll ever own, and the February 2016 Withlacoochee and Little River Water Trail Workshop.

See the Events page.

Public Relations Committee

John S. Quarterman (Chair), Chris Graham, April Huntley, and Gretchen Quarterman (calendar). Added Patrick Kunes 26 August 2015. Added Shirley Kokidko (meetup and facebook events) 18 January 2016. Added Amy Wiegenstein 11 March 2016. Added Katherine Vanscyoc 13 July 2016. Added Dana France and Dave Hetzel 12 July 2017. Added Scotti Jay 20 September 2017. Added Sara Squires 14 January 2018. Added Steve Miller March 31, 2018. Added Randy Madison 12 January 2020.

Promotes public awareness and participation in the mission of WWALS through traditional public relations and social media.

See the Press releases and news items, WWALS website and blog, calendar, facebook page, group, and events, meetup, twitter, Instagram, YouTUbe,, and internal email lists, and the membership Tannin Times newsletter, plus general communications. Try our water level charts for the Little and Withlacoochee Rivers and for the Alapaha River.

Detail, Suwannee River Basin

Water Trails Committee

Dan Phillips, Chair. For all WWALS Water Trails (and hiking trails, if we have any). Combining the former Committees for the Alapaha River Water Trail (ARWT) and the Withlacoochee and Little River Water Trail (WRWT) with, per WWALS board decision of April 2017, John S. Quarterman, Phil Hubbard, Dana France, and Dan Phillips per WWALS board vote of 12 July 2017, and Chair Dan Phillips per WWALS board vote of 8 July 2018. Added Shelby Miller 2 March 2020.

See also the web pages for the Water Trails themselves.

[Landings and Boat Ramps]
All Public Landings and Boat Ramps in the Suwannee River Basin

Alapaha River Water Trail Committee

Merged into the Water Trails Committee.

Chris Graham (Chair), John S. Quarterman, Bret Wagenhorst, Karan A. Rawlins, Kathy Brunot, April Huntley, Deanna Mericle, Brian Atwater, and Dave Hetzel.

To implement an Alapaha River Water Trail, including the Georgia River Network grant for that purpose.

Also known as the Alapaha River Trail Committee, WWALS-ART.

See the Alapaha River Water Trail page and the Blueway category.

Withlacoochee and Little River Water Trail

Merged into the Water Trails Committee.

Proposal approved 10 June 2015 by WWALS ExecComm, with Chair Chris Mericle, members Bret Wagenhorst, Deanna Mericle, Chris Graham, John S. Quarterman. Added Julie Bowland 22 June 2015. Added David Lambert 7 August 2015. Added Tom Baird 12 August 2015. Added Tom Potter 23 December 2015. More Committee members wanted! Apply online or stay tuned for more information.

To (re-)establish a Withlacoochee River Water Trail, including the Little River. See the WRWT web page, especially the draft map and spreadsheet, which already contains entries for every access point from every known guidebook. Lots of work left to do, in miles, pictures, points of interest, events, and other things you will think of!

Watershed Issues Committee

John S. Quarterman (Chair) and Deanna Mericle. Added Tom Edwards 14 August 2015. Added David Shields 27 October 2015. Added Lori McCraney 21 February 2016. Added Cecile Scofield 10 April 2016. Added Loretta Tennant 25 April 2016. Added Can Denizman 20 October 2016. Added Maxine Connor 17 December 2016. Added Harriet Heywood 23 December 2016. Added Eileen Box 2 January 2017. Added Terre Tulsiak 8 January 2017. Added Janet Barrow 10 January 2017. Added Andrea Rea 10 March 2017. Added William Worstell 16 March 2017. Added Patterson Wall 30 April 2017. Added Jodi Witt-Brantley 9 August 2017. Added Kate Betsko 21 October 2018.

Renamed 11 February 2016 from Pipeline Committee to Watershed Issues Committee. The Watershed Issues Committee is for matters including Valdosta wastewater, corporate agriculture land purchase (including by Bill Gates), opposing the Sabal Trail pipeline and fracking, promoting solar power, and the Waycross Superfund mess: see the Issues page.

Obviously this Watershed Issues Committee could use some new volunteers, perhaps to split out some of these topics into new committees.

Water Quality Testing Committee

Suzy Hall, Chair (2020-01-11). This committee is for organizing the actual testing for a water quality monitoring program, according to scientific criteria established by the Science Committee, aided by the other committees.

See the WWALS Water Quality Testing web page.

This Testing Committee was formed by the WWALS board at its quarterly meeting, 22 October 2017. Initial members are: John S. Quarterman, Tom Potter, Scotti Jay, Phil Hubbard, Shirley Kokidko, Eileen Box, Dave Hetzel, and Chair Bobby McKenzie per WWALS board vote of 8 July 2018. Added Erica McLelland 2 August 2018. Added Conn and Trudy Cole 14 July 2019. Added Allison Ray and Toni Greenberg 3 September 2019. Added Suzy Hall 29 September 2019. Added Tasha Laface, Alex Chesna, and Suzanne Hall 23 September 2019. Added Laura Bauer 29 April 2020. Added Renee Kirkland 11 May 2020. Added Michael Bachrach 18 May 2020.

Songwriting Committee

To organize the Suwannee Riverkeeper Songwriting Contest, about any river, creek, spring, sink, lake, pond, swamp, etc. in the Suwannee River Basin (except the Santa Fe River, which has its own contest).

The WWALS Board at its October 20, 2019 Quarterly Board Meeting reconstituted this committee for Songwriting 2020, with Committee Chair Tom H. Johnson Jr., and members Eileen Box, John S. Quarterman, Scotti Jay, Sara Jones, Mary Carolyn Pindar, Laura D’Alisera, “with at least two additional members to be secured, from Florida, if possible”.

The WWALS Board at its January 13, 2019 Quarterly Board Meeting reconstituted this committee as a Sub-Committee of the Events Committee, with initial members Scotti Jay (Chair), Eileen Box (Chair), Sara Squires, Tom H. Johnson Jr., and John S. Quarterman. Added Mary Carolyn Pindar 29 July 2019.

The Second Annual Suwannee Riverkeeper Songwriting Contest was an even bigger success. Here are the winners.

[Jay Jourden Winning]
Jay Jourden Winning

The First Annual Suwannee Riverkeeper Songwriting contest was a success! Here are the winners.

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