JIA map shows all marsh as land at mean high tide –David Egan

Received Thursday on Marsh is not land, not here, not at Jekyll Island –WWALS Watershed Coalition -jsq

WWALS Watershed Coalition is on target with its analysis of the Jekyll 65-35 issue! Just a quick glance at the the 65-35 map under consideration by the JIA reveals all —- according to the JIA, ALL of Jekyll’s tidal marsh is above water, as in dry, at mean high tide, and is therefore part of the land area of Jekyll Islnsd subject to the 65-35 law. On-site conditions deny the accuracy of that map, for most of the marsh is actually under water (as in wet) at the time of high tide. The JIA’s map can be viewed at http://www.savejekyllisland.org/MPMOAAMHWPapJuly2013.html

-David Egan

SaveJekyllIsland.org wrote:

Under review now by the JIA is a land area map showing that virtually all of Jekyll’s tidal marsh lies above water at mean high tide. According to the map, the island’s land area (marsh included) is 5,530 acres in size and Jekyll is 26.6% “developed,” making roughly 500 additional acres of upland eligible for development.

According to the JIA’s 2008 Master Plan Update, the island’s land area is 4,152 acres (461 acres of marsh included) and Jekyll was at that time 33.6% developed, leaving 56 acres subject to development.

According to the March, 2013 report of the JIA-commissioned 65/35 task force, the island’s land area excludes tidal marsh and is 3,817 acres, 38.6% of which has been developed, which is 136 acres over the legal limit.