Naylor Park and Boat Ramp aerial plan map

300x186 Naylor Boat Ramp aerial, in Maps from board packet, by John S. Quarterman, 10 February 2015 Thanks to the Lowndes County Commission and staff, here’s a look at what they’re planning for the new boat ramp and park on the Alapaha River just north of US 84. Below are videos of discussion about these plans in several recent Commission meetings. This boat ramp and park is already on the map for the Alapaha River Water Trail, and I have thanked the Commission for moving along to get it established; see below.

600x371 Naylor Boat Ramp aerial, in Maps from board packet, by John S. Quarterman, 10 February 2015
Naylor Boat Ramp aerial

The first morning of their 2015 Annual Planning Meeting Commission and staff discussed the park and boat ramp at some length. Really brief version: they might have it all finished by September, if river levels go down fast enough.

In that discussion they referred to the agenda packet item for their then-upcoming Work Session.

County Engineer Mike Fletcher gave a brief overview with the above map at their Monday 9 February 2015 Work Session.

The Engineer gave a similar presentation at their This time Commissioner Demarcus Marshall asked if the park could be made available for public use before the engineering was finished. Tuesday 10 February 2015 Regular Session. The Engineer indicated concern for safety with high water levels, since there would be no fence yet to secure the park. I believe Commissioner Joyce Evans made the motion to approve the engineering work.

At that same Tuesday meeting I thanked the Commission on behalf of WWALS for working on the boat ramp and park. And I invited them to the WWALS outing at noon this Sunday 15 February 2015 from the Statenville Boat Ramp to Sasser Landing near Jennings, Florida. Like them, y’all come, but be sure to bring a personal flotation device and call the event organizer first so he’ll know you’re coming.