Pipeline dispute to judge for WWALS v Sabal Trail –CBS Miami

New news venues are covering WWALS v. Sabal Trail.

CBS Miami, 4 September 2015, Judge To Consider Florida Pipeline Permit Dispute,

A judge is set to consider an environmental group’s efforts to block construction of a pipeline mean to transport gas into Florida from Alabama.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protectionin July gave notice that it plans to issue a key permit for the Sabal Trail pipeline, which is planned, at least in part, to help deliver natural gas to power plants operated by Florida Power & Light and Duke Energy Florida.

A Georgia-based environmental group, WWALS Watershed Coalition, Inc., has fought the permit, pointing to potential impacts of the pipeline on North Florida waterways.

The group last month added an affiliated organization, WWALS Watershed Coalition Florida, Inc., to the case, though the Department of Environmental Protection contends that the Florida affiliate’s petition should be dismissed because it did not meet a legal deadline.

The department this week sent the case to the state Division of Administrative Hearings.

CBS Miami illustrated with a Keystone XL pipeline picture, which ties Sabal Trail into the general fossil fuel pipeline boondoggle.

The Sunshine State can go straight to solar power.


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4 thoughts on “Pipeline dispute to judge for WWALS v Sabal Trail –CBS Miami

  1. terre

    How can an industry claim eminent domain based on the greater good, when the benefit if at all besides to stockholders, is further down the chain. There is no benefit to the landowners damaged property and potentially their health, simply because some people in Juno Beach get cheaper fuel. Or is it the stockholders benefit from more dividends?

  2. jsq Post author


    Sounds like you’ve written a great letter to the editor, or letter to DEP, or to FERC, or to say to a talk radio show.


    1. terre

      I don’t understand why people are not more concerned about this. It reminds me of when Mosaic re applied for a permit to dump their process water into a branch of the Hillsborough River. I protested, and got a call from their PR person who assured me that he would not work for a company that did anything bad to the environment as he and his family lived here- “I’m your neighbor”. The head of the local EPA thanked me for caring about mother nature.
      But I tell everyone I can, and write to anyone I can think of. The closest to respond are the (Broward) Bulldog and then picked up by the Miami Herald. I am not a good public speaker but will do anything that might help.

  3. jsq Post author


    Most people still don’t know anything about Sabal Trail, which is why it’s important to get the word out.

    Yes, Dan Christensen with Florida Bulldog is pursuing this, as are a bunch of other reporters; see collection here:


    You can write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper.
    Also ecomment to FERC, letter to FL-DEP, etc.


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