Grant license agreements and permanent easements to Sabal Trail? GA-DNR 2015-09-23

Giving away state land rights under the Chattahoochee, Flint, Ochlockonee, and Withlacoochee Rivers Wednesday in Atlanta, Board give-away to Sabal Trail far from any of the rivers or counties affected, that’s what GA-DNR has on its agenda.

Land Committee – Tab D
Dwight Davis, Chairman
Members: Mobley, Vt Chairman, Bagwell, Evans, Jones, Leebern, Phelps, Sawhill, Shailendra

  1. Granting of Revocable License Agreements and Permanent Easements totaling 0.27± acres by the State Properties Commission and General Assembly to Sabal Trail Transmission, LLC to install and maintain a natural gas pipeline under navigable waters of the State, Stewart, Dougherty, Colquitt, Brooks, and Lowndes Counties

When, where, and who (PDF): When, where, and who


Board of Natural Resources
2 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, S. E.
Suite 1252 East Tower
Atlanta. GA 30334

September 23, 2015

9:00 am. – Board Committee Meeting Called to Order by Chairman Ray Lambert

Immediately following Committee Meetings – DNR Board meeting called to order by Board Chairman Ray Lambert a/blockquote>

No hearing, and minimal public notice.

Does that seem right to you?

If not, call or write GA-DNR or your members of that commitee and go to that meeting if you can.


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