No new sewer spills from Valdosta or Lowndes County 2016-04-14

Nothing new since April 4th is good news today from Utilities at both local governments, since the Valdosta spills into both the Withlacoochee and Alapaha watersheds of April 2nd and 3rd, and the Lowndes County spill into the Withlacoochee River of Aprll 4th. So Suwannee River people at the moment only have those spills, arriving downstream about now, to look forward to for the moment.

Valdosta is sometimes a little slow posting a report, and Lowndes County never posted one on its website last time, so I called both of them just now. Tuesday I asked Lowndes County to post such reports on its website and send them through their agenda alert system. It’s possible they may start doing that.


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