Literature boxes for water trail landings

Eventually we want kiosks like at state parks, but we’re toying with these as temporary measures for Post and box the dozen landings of the Alapaha River Water Trail and the two dozen landings of the Withlacoochee and Little River Water Trail.

That’s a realtor information box that holds 8.5×11″ paper, bought for $13 at Lowe’s, on a plain old 5-foot steel electric fence post, about $3.50 from various sources such as Tractor Supply, easily installable with a bazooka, er, I mean a $25 Post Driver.

Smaller boxes, such as 5.5″ wide, are available for $6 each or less. So that’s a total of $10-20 for each sign and post. WWALS has money to pay for some of these to start

Now we could use permission from the various county and state agencies to install the signs.

Or funding from counties, chambers, or the like for building and installing kiosks. Those are more expensive, more like $1,000 each. However, with local labor (school class project?) they could cost a lot less, and even less if parts were donated.

Fortunately, many of the landings in Florida already have kiosks supplied by their local counties. But most of the landings are in Georgia, and few of them have kiosks.


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