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Sabal Trail HDD Santa Fe River 2016-11-23

N to Sabal Trail HDD Suwannee Co., Santa Fe River, 29.9114810, -82.8527740 Sabal Trail’s pipe is still laid out north of the Suwannee County horizontal directional drilling (HDD) site on the Santa Fe River, but it won’t be for long unless something stops it. Pictures by Beth Gammie and John S. Quarterman on Southwings flight for WWALS, 23 November 2016.

N. up Sabal Trail, Santa Fe River,
N. up Sabal Trail across Santa Fe River into Suwannee County, 29.8988570, -82.8495600, by John S. Quarterman for WWALS on Southwings flight 2016-11-23

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