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Sabal Trail still leaking drilling mud into the Withlacoochee River at US 84 in GA 2016-11-12

Update 2016-11-22:

Update 2016-11-14: GWC Dirty Dozen Press Conference at US 84 Bridge with tour of Sabal Trail HDD 2016-11-16

Steve Patterson, Jacksonville.com, 14 November 2016, Gas pipeline project headed to Suwannee River leaks into Georgia waterway; sparks environmental worries


Turbidity curtains with human for scale (Chris Mericle) Hahira, GA, November 13th 2016 — Apparently Sabal Trail continues to leak drilling mud into the Withlacoochee River, three weeks after it admitted to GA-EPD that its pilot hole under the river had leaked up into the riverbed.

WWALS members Deanna and Chris Mericle went to the US 84 bridge between Quitman and Valdosta, Georgia, and walked up the river to the site, about 2000 feet upstream. You can clearly see the water inside Sabal Trail’s turbidity curtains is not the same color as the river water.

“I am so angry because this is what we said would happen and we were assured the rivers wouldn’t be affected because they were drilling under them. The head woman at FDEP said exactly that! We told them it was likely because of our karst geology and we got patronized and patted on the head. You can guarantee they will downplay it and just drill another hole. I am pissed,” said WWALS member Deanna Mericle, who drafted the WWALS petition for last year’s four-month legal case and three-day hearing in WWALS v Sabal Trail & FDEP. Continue reading

Water Is Life Camp protecting Santa Fe River against Sabal Trail

It’s come to this: Protesters Arrested at Sabal Trail Construction Site, by Jim Tatum for Our Santa Fe River 13 November 2016, from Cindy Swirko, Gainesville Sun, 12 November 2016,

Protesters of the Sabal Trail pipeline were arrested at the Gilchrist County construction site Saturday, and opponents of the gas transmission line said protests will continue.

The Gilchrist County Sheriff’s Office arrested 14 people, including one who had locked himself to a tanker truck that was delivering water needed for the construction, said Cara Jennings, a pipeline opponent.

The others who were arrested were on the roadside holding signs, she added.

Gilchrist County Sheriff car guarding Sabal Trail HDD site Jennings said the 14 remained Continue reading

Sabal Trail Contractor Yard in Brooks County, GA 2016-11-10

Did Sabal Trail’s contractor have a permit to scrape off that topsoil in this contractor yard in Brooks County, GA? Are those bags of stuff the drilling mud Sabal Trail is leaking up into the Withlacoochee River only a few miles from there? Are those temporary buildings setting up for supplying Sabal Trail across all of Spread Three from Mitchell County, Georgia across the Suwannee River to Suwannee County, Florida?

Backhoe and materials

Troy Access Thanks to a WWALS ally for taking these pictures late Friday afternoon. The evening gloom seems appropriate.

The “Troy Access” sign presumably indicates Troy Construction, as in Pipeline News, March 2016, Sabal Trail Pipeline lands contractors,

“Troy Construction has been awarded a contract for spread three;”

Spread Three starts in Mitchell County and runs Continue reading

Sacred Water Camp protecting the Suwannee River from Sabal Trail 2016-11-06

Gregory and Debra: Water is Life! Water is Life, at Sacred Water Camp, and everywhere else.

New logo and new location, now on the Suwannee River east of US 129 in Suwannee County, Florida. Last Sunday afternoon when we visited was a slow time for the camp.

Felipe, seated in the blue shirt, brought the bus and the cooking gear. Continue reading