WWALS: “It did happen”, Sabal Trail: “inadvertent”, WUSF, Tallahassee

Do you think Sabal Trail’s excuse that it was “inadvertent” is enough? Come on down to the US 84 bridge 9:30 this morning, hear more, and have your say.

Turbidity curtains with human for scale (Chris Mericle) Nick Evans, WUSF, 14 November 2016, Drilling Mud Leak In South Georgia Raises New Sabal Trail Pipeline Concerns,

Water activists are raising the alarm over a South Georgia drilling leak in the Withlacoochee River. Sabal Trail is drilling beneath the river to build a more than 500-mile natural gas pipeline stretching from Alabama to Florida.

WWALS Watershed Coalition works to protect the Withlacoochee, Willacoochee, Alapaha, Little and Upper Suwannee Rivers.

WWALS President John Quarterman says Sabal Trail assured the Florida Department of Environmental Protection last year the project was safe.

“Sabal Trail testified under oath that this could not happen,” he says. “Florida DEP gave them a permit apparently believing them, so did the US Army Corps of Engineers and so did the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the Georgia environmental protection division—well it did happen.”

There’s more in the story, including Sabal Trail saying it was “inadvertent”. Do you think that’s a good excuse?


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3 thoughts on “WWALS: “It did happen”, Sabal Trail: “inadvertent”, WUSF, Tallahassee

  1. John McGuire

    Perhaps the pertinent question is, ‘Is lying under oath if you’re a politician or corporate executive no longer a criminal offense?’

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