Sabal Trail still below gas capacity 2020-04-26

Almost two years after starting to push gas, Sabal Trail still isn’t using all it’s already authorized for, so why does it need Phase II? Why are we still wasting money, water, and air on pipelines when solar panels long ago could have provided more electricity, faster, cheaper, and with no emissions and no eminent domain?

[Operational Capacity 2020-04-26-0900]
Operational Capacity 2020-04-26-0900
Map and data from FERC-required Sabal Trail Informational Postings.

If the point of the Phase II Albany, GA, and Dunnellon, FL, Compressor Stations is to pipe more gas to the Reunion Compressor Station, somebody should tell Sabal Trail the Mouse is closed due to pandemic.

Looks like Sabal Trail’s deliveries got stuck in April.

[This month]
This month

Lots of ups and downs. It’s like fracked methane is not essential.

[This year]
This year

Back in November 2019, capacity went up sharply while use fell just as sharply. Use dropped again at the beginning of April.


If there’s a pattern, it’s maybe most use July through October. If that’s air conditioners, you know what is far more efficient, cheaper, and emits no pollution for that? Solar power.


Also solar power is far faster to build. Sabal Trail started permitting in 2013. Seven years later and it’s still not finished construction. There’s also a Phase III. Long ago more electricity could have already been in production from solar panels, for much less than the cost of this pipeline boondoggle.

 -jsq, John S. Quarterman, Suwannee RIVERKEEPER®

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