Floyd’s Island, Okefenokee Swamp, Suwannee River 2020-11-07

A little rain didn’t stop us on a fun two nights of camping and two days of paddling to and from Floyd’s Island in the Okefenokee NWR. Yes, the dozen of us saw gators, cormorants, and herons on the Suwannee River, the tree canopy over the run to Floyd’s Island, and deer on the island.

Thanks to Bobby McKenzie for leading this expedition, and to Shirley Kokidko for provoking it.

[banners, river, gator, canopy, island, deer]
banners, river, gator, canopy, island, deer

Also we saw Georgia River Network’s thirty paddlers coming in Sunday as we were going out, but my camera had run down by then. Here’s a picture of GRN E.D. Rena Ann Peck on the Friday before, in Moniac, GA.

Here are more pictures, also on the WWALS website.

Many paddlers posted pictures on facebook. Click on any small picture to see a larger one.

[Banner before]
Banner before


[Suwannee River, Griffis Fish Camp, 2020:11:06 15:19:24]
Suwannee River, Griffis Fish Camp, 2020:11:06 15:19:24

Day 1

[Shirley and Shelby, 10:32:42]
Shirley and Shelby, 10:32:42


[Traffic jam, Middle Fork, Suwannee River, 11:16:01]
Traffic jam, Middle Fork, Suwannee River, 11:16:01


[Minnies Lake, 12:24:32]
Minnies Lake, 12:24:32


[Looking out, 13:10:46]
Looking out, 13:10:46


[Onwards, 13:14:06]
Onwards, 13:14:06

[Gator on log, 13:15:52]
Gator on log, 13:15:52

[Between, 13:15:59]
Between, 13:15:59

[Another gator, 13:16:48]
Another gator, 13:16:48

[Gator closeup]
Gator closeup

[Blackwater, 13:18:17]
Blackwater, 13:18:17

[Josh Duncan and a gator, 13:29:15]
Josh Duncan and a gator, 13:29:15

[Narrowing to river again, 14:01:13]
Narrowing to river again, 14:01:13

[Bobby looking at the sign back to Minnies Lake Shelter, 14:04:10]
Bobby looking at the sign back to Minnies Lake Shelter, 14:04:10

[Gretchen, 14:04:15]
Gretchen, 14:04:15

[Fallen tree, 14:06:45]
Fallen tree, 14:06:45

[Helen, 14:06:48]
Helen, 14:06:48

[Knees and vines, 14:06:57]
Knees and vines, 14:06:57

[Approaching sign, 14:19:21]
Approaching sign, 14:19:21

[Big Water straight, Floyds Island right, 14:19:58]
Big Water straight, Floyds Island right, 14:19:58

[Hints of canopy, 14:32:20]
Hints of canopy, 14:32:20

[Meadow on left, 14:33:47]
Meadow on left, 14:33:47

[Gnarly, 14:36:18]
Gnarly, 14:36:18

[Beaver house? 14:41:24]
Beaver house? 14:41:24

[Closer, 14:41:28]
Closer, 14:41:28

[Another meadow, 14:57:57]
Another meadow, 14:57:57

[A meadow with flowers, 14:58:20]
A meadow with flowers, 14:58:20

[Swamp sunflowers, 14:58:23]
Swamp sunflowers, 14:58:23

[Red berries, 15:05:01]
Red berries, 15:05:01

[Red marker post, 15:05:30]
Red marker post, 15:05:30

[Floyd's Island straight ahead, 15:06:13]
Floyd’s Island straight ahead, 15:06:13

[And if you're coming from Big Water, turn left, 15:06:48]
And if you’re coming from Big Water, turn left, 15:06:48

[If returning from Floyd's Island, 15:07:22]
If returning from Floyd’s Island, 15:07:22

[Carefully pruned, 15:09:55]
Carefully pruned, 15:09:55

[Red berries, 15:18:44]
Red berries, 15:18:44

[Red moss or lichen, 15:35:14]
Red moss or lichen, 15:35:14


[Under the regrowing tree, 16:06:03]
Under the regrowing tree, 16:06:03

Day 2

[Far side, 06:49:30]
Far side, 06:49:30


[Pruned, 08:58:59]
Pruned, 08:58:59


[T2 at 1 mile sign, 10:49:20]
T2 at 1 mile sign, 10:49:20

For where these locations are, see the WWALS map of the Suwannee River Wilderness Trail, or see Okefenokee Wilderness Area Canoe Trails.

 -jsq, John S. Quarterman, Suwannee RIVERKEEPER®

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