Trash cans at Freedom Park 2022-11-21

Bobby McKenzie reported yesterday, “I’m at Freedom Park and what is new? I count 11 trash receptacles strategical placed in the baseball parking lot….guess what in them..😆 trash”

[Trash cans at Freedom Park 2022-11-21]
Trash cans at Freedom Park 2022-11-21

Imagine that: trash cans in a parking lot, like Valdosta city ordinances require.

And people do use them.

[Trash cans in parking lot]
Trash cans in parking lot

Bobby added, “And there are several more trash cans along the sidewalk.”

[Two trash cans along a walkway]
Two trash cans along a walkway

The Valdosta-Lowndes County Parks and Recreation Authority (VLPRA) says about Freedom Park:

Freedom Park is a huge multi-purpose facility with something for everyone! The parks 250-plus acres is conveniently located near Moody Air Force Base and features a large, beautifully maintained baseball/softball complex with 12 regulation adult softball fields, bathrooms, a concession stand, and a covered playground. It is also home to the Miracle Field, a boundless playground, and attached pavilion which are inclusive for people of all abilities. A paved walking track, a 20-hole Disc Golf course, a dog park for large and small breeds, a cross-country running course, and open field space round out the facility. Freedom Park hosts the regional Spring Olympics each year, dozens of baseball and softball tournaments, and disc golf tournaments.

Freedom Park is inside one of the northern extrusions of Valdosta City Limits, towards the upper right of this map. The land is actually owned by the City of Valdosta:

[Freedom Park in VALORGIS]
Freedom Park in VALORGIS

That’s an institutional property, to which Sec 82-1. Littering, (b)(7) applies:

Every owner, manager, occupant, tenant or lessee using or occupying any commercial, institutional or individual building or property shall be obligated jointly or severally to provide an appropriate number of litter receptacles maintained in good, clean condition. The size, type and number shall be as specified by the director of public works to be reasonably required to hold litter generated by operation of the business between periods in which they are emptied into a bulk container for regular city refuse collection. Such containers shall be weighted or attached to the ground as necessary to prevent spillage. Commercial sites where there are a large number of individual stores bound together by association or lease, such as malls, shopping centers or the downtown shopping area may consider the requirement for the number and placement thereof in the total picture rather than on an individual basis.

Those trash cans should keep some trash out of Cherry Creek, which runs through Lake Cleve into the Withlacoochee River. FYI, the City of Valdosta owns Cherry Creek from the main part of Freedom Park down to Bemiss Road.

[Freedom Park on Cherry Creek in WWALS WLRWT map]
Freedom Park on Cherry Creek in the WWALS map of the Withlacoochee and Little River Water Trail (WLRWT)

For more about the trash situation, see:

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