Trashjam cleanup, Knights Ferry to Nankin, Withlacoochee River 2022-12-03

Update 2022-12-05: Pictures: Knights Ferry to Nankin Cleanup, Withlacoochee River 2022-12-03.

Clean up trash jams on the balmy blackwater Withlacoochee River. Looks like the weather will be almost 80 degrees. We will definitely get in a swim or two.

When: Gather 9 AM, Paddle 10 AM, End 3 PM, Saturday, December 3, 2022

Put In: Knights Ferry Boat Ramp, 6499 Knights Ferry Rd, Valdosta, GA 31601.

GPS: 30.71205, -83.45554

[Trash composite 2022-11-26]
Trash composite 2022-11-26

Take Out: Nankin Boat Ramp, 6899 Clyattville-Nankin Road, Valdosta, GA 31601.

Bring: Cleanup materials will be provided, but if you’ve got a trash picker, bring it along. Wear stout clothes. Mud boots and gloves will be very useful.

[Trashjam --Suzy Hall]
TrashjamSuzy Hall
For many years trash has washed into the river from Valdosta storm water. Nothing was done to stop it. “We’ve” picked up tons through the years. Tons and tons. And nothing was done to stop it. Prevent it. Finally the watergoat is keeping much back, but much is still making it’s way south likely mostly before the goat was installed. This is Valdosta trash. How do we know? Oh how well we know the signs. The logos…the balls…the styrofoam restaurant cups. It’s Valdosta. It will take a coordinated trip or two to attempt to remove more of these trash rafts. When will you learn? When will you do more to prevent this. WHEN WILL YOU GIVE A DAMN. When will YOU get out here and remove what YOU have allowed to drift into the river? We’d be happy to escort you to these spots for you to clean them out. Trust me. It’s a lot worse than it looks

Free: This outing is free to everyone, because it is a cleanup!

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Event: facebook, meetup

Duration: 5 hours

Paddle: 3.58 miles, 3 hours.

Shuttle: 10 miles, 15 minutes.
This outing includes the traditional WWALS shuttle. Everybody takes their boats to the put-in, most people drive to the take-out, and the drivers pile into one or two vehicles and go back to the put-in.

[Map: Knights Ferry to Nankin, Withlacoochee River, in WWALS WLRWT Map]
Map: Knights Ferry to Nankin, Withlacoochee River, in the WWALS map of the Withlacoochee and Little River Water Trail (WLRWT)

Host: Russell McBride

[Thanks to Lowndes litter crew for keeping the boat ramps clean. You really do make a huge difference.]
Thanks to Lowndes litter crew for keeping the boat ramps clean. You really do make a huge difference.Russell Allen McBride

Contact: Bobby McKenzie

[Jackson Hewitt Tax Service]
Jackson Hewitt Tax ServiceBobby McKenzie
The company has four offices in Valdosta, and we have found these footballs repeatedly in Sugar Creek and the Withlacoochee River.

Backup: in case of high or low water is: Cancel

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 -jsq, John S. Quarterman, Suwannee RIVERKEEPER®

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