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Alapaha Swallets Dye Trace Project 2016-10-01

Down at the designation of the new Jennings Bluff State Geological Site with Dead River Sink 2023-03-17 the Florida Geological Survey (FGS) was giving out links to a report on the Alapaha Swallets Dye Trace Project.

That’s where FGS, FDEP, and SRWMD put fluorescent green dye in the Dead River Sink, back on June 22, 2016, and watched for it to come back up.

[Before and After]
Before and After

As you can see by the graph, the dye came back up four days later in the ALapaha River Rise, and eight days later in Holton Creek Rise.

The report is available Continue reading

Juneteenth at Reed Bingham State Park, Little River, Reed Bingham State Park Beach, 2023-06-17

Food and activities for children will be provided by Fannie Gibbs and Macedonia Community Foundation and Jenard S. Asthma Foundation.

WWALS will provide boats for new paddlers at this gathering of people from Brooks, Cook, and Tift Counties, Georgia, and beyond in celebration of Juneteenth.

[Boating and family fun at Juneteenth 2021]
Boating and family fun at Juneteenth 2021

WWALS will provide stunt adults to go with any children 16 or under so they can boat, in case their parents don’t want to paddle. Continue reading

Agenda: Upper and Middle Suwannee River MFL webinar and followon WebBoard meetings 2023-05-02 2023-05-02

Here is the agenda for the SRWMD MFL meeting tomorrow.

After I posted the meeting notice, I asked SRWMD for a copy of the agenda, noting that it was not in the calendar the notice referenced, www.MySuwanneeRiver.com/calendar, and not in the SRWMD web page on UPPER AND MIDDLE SUWANNEE MFLS PEER REVIEW. I sent that request to Amy Brown, Deputy Executive Director, Water Resources, SRWMD (pictured on the left).

[Agenda for 2023-05-02 and picture from 2023-03-15 meeting]
Agenda for 2023-05-02 and picture from 2023-03-15 meeting

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