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Sabal Trail between SRSP and I-10 in Suwannee County, FL 2016-10-16

Signs and pipe, 30.3918 -83.152922 Does Sabal Trail think black bears can’t walk the short distance from 24th Street, Stagecoach Road, and US 90 to 199th Place? What about those fox squirrels and indigo snakes? Gopher tortoises are also more places than people might think.

And what about that sinkhole only about 200 feet from the pipeline at Pilgrim’s Pride on US 90? These two pictures were taken from the same place, looking in opposite directions:

w. to Sabal Trail, less than 200 feet from sinkhole, 30.3721680, -83.1550210 e. to huge sinkhole just s. of US 90 e. of Pilgrims Pride, 30.3720440, -83.1548290

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Suwannee River Beach @ Spirit of Suwannee Music Park 2016-10-16

Stairs 30.4059372, -82.9478073 Very dry, and this was a week ago Sunday, with a bit more than 23 feet on the Nobles Ferry USGS gage. Surprisingly, the water’s not much lower now according to that gage.

Somebody asked us at Suwannee River Roots Revival: why is the Suwannee River so low? He was from the Atlantic coast of Florida, where they just had hurricanes, and didn’t realize: none of that rain fell upstream inland in Florida and Georgia up to the Okefenokee Swamp.


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