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Bell, Gilchrist County, FL, Sabal Trail, Santa Fe River 2016-11-23

Bell EMS looks a stone’s throw from the Sabal Trail pipeline corner, in these WWALS aerials from the Santa Fe River to Bell, Florida, in Gilchrist County.

Bell Emergency Management Services (lower right), Sabal Trail bend to the east (top left)
Photo: John S. Quarterman for WWALS, Southwings flight, 23 November 2016

Sabal Trail had a bunch of buses and trucks next between 91st Lane and 94th Street in Gilchrist County. Continue reading

Videos, Valdosta Wastewater and Flood Prevention 2016-10-27

The crowd was very attentive to every word about wastewater and flood prevention, with officials from the City of Valdosta presenting in the first of a new quarterly WWALS speaker series. If you didn’t come, you can see and hear in these videos Henry Hicks about wastewater, Emily Davenport about flood prevention, Tim Carroll about solar power, and Sementha Mathews about how to get more information from Valdosta. WWALS Treasurer and acting Executive Director Gretchen Quarterman opened and closed the meeting.

Each talk had many small but important stories, so we will probably blog more posts about those. Meanwhile, here are the videos: see for yourself! Continue reading

Sabal Trail HDD Santa Fe River 2016-11-23

N to Sabal Trail HDD Suwannee Co., Santa Fe River, 29.9114810, -82.8527740 Sabal Trail’s pipe is still laid out north of the Suwannee County horizontal directional drilling (HDD) site on the Santa Fe River, but it won’t be for long unless something stops it. Pictures by Beth Gammie and John S. Quarterman on Southwings flight for WWALS, 23 November 2016.

N. up Sabal Trail, Santa Fe River,
N. up Sabal Trail across Santa Fe River into Suwannee County, 29.8988570, -82.8495600, by John S. Quarterman for WWALS on Southwings flight 2016-11-23

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St Marys Riverkeeper Big Splash 2016-11-19

Rick Frey is the new St Marys Riverkeeper, and his board had a big bash at White Oak Conservation, with Bobby Kennedy, president and founder of Waterkeeper® Alliance, the organization that licenses Riverkeepers. WWALS was represented by president John S. Quarterman and Treasurer Gretchen Quarterman. Doubtless pictures from the professional photographer will get posted somewhere; meanwhile, here are a few snaps, including some of our brother and sister Riverkeepers: Flint, Altamaha, and Satilla.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Founder and President of Waterkeeper Alliance

Panorama, St Marys River, White Oak Conservation,

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Pictures, Pioneer Day, Okefenokee NWR 2016-11-19

WWALS and Satilla Riverkeeper Rachael Thompson of Satilla Riverkeeper invited WWALS to Pioneer Day at the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge near Folkston, Georgia. Rachael showed children how watersheds work. They played the WWALS froggy toss game. Endangered species puppets paraded. Houdini the rat snake was a hit. And there were gators.

Rachael Thompson of Satilla Riverkeeper, John S. Quarterman of WWALS, Ash of SRK

More pictures below. Continue reading

Sacred Water Camp 2016-11-20

Tents full of thirty people in the morning sun, and happy campers starting to have breakfast, was what Gretchen and I saw when we stopped to visit Sacred Water Camp Sunway morning. They’re watching Sabal Trail, as it drills under the Suwannee River.

Gregory Payne and many tents
Gregory Payne and many campers

You don’t have to camp out to protect all our waters, land, and air. Georgians can sign a petition to Georgia state legislators. Anyone can demand their members of Congress rein in FERC, the rogue, captive agency that permitted Sabal Trail and gave it eminent domain to take local lands. If you see a possible environmental or legal violation, report it your self or contact WWALS. Lots more here.

Sacred Water Camp is not a project of WWALS. However, it is in WWALS’ watersheds and WWALS watches Continue reading