Bell, Gilchrist County, FL, Sabal Trail, Santa Fe River 2016-11-23

Bell EMS looks a stone’s throw from the Sabal Trail pipeline corner, in these WWALS aerials from the Santa Fe River to Bell, Florida, in Gilchrist County.

Bell Emergency Management Services (lower right), Sabal Trail bend to the east (top left)
Photo: John S. Quarterman for WWALS, Southwings flight, 23 November 2016

Sabal Trail had a bunch of buses and trucks next between 91st Lane and 94th Street in Gilchrist County.

Sabal Trail buses, 2600 NW 91st Ln, Branford, FL 32008, 29.873089, -82.850483
Heading south, Gilchrist County, FL Sabal Trail, 23 November 2016
Beth Gammie for WWALS, Southwings flight

Sabal Trail runs south from the Santa Fe River just east of American Dairy Company, with pipe laid out.

Am. Dairy Co., Sabal Trail, Santa Fe River, Gilchrist County, FL 23 November 2016
John S. Quarterman for WWALS on Southwings flight

First stop in Gilchrist County: Santa Fe River HDD site.

Many more pictures from that flight by John S. Quarterman and Beth Gammie are on the WWALS website; follow the links in this sentence. They cover Sabal Trail all the way from the Santa Fe River to just north of Bell, FL, and back again, from two cameras, including every road crossing. Thanks to Southwings and pilot E.M. Beck for the flight.

For context, see Sabal Trail maps digitized.

For much more context, including where to report a violation and other things you can do, see /issues/stt/.


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