Much better readings in Valdosta water quality data 2018-11-21

Suddenly, all the fecal coliform readings are down. Was there a first flush from the rain on November 14 that caused the high readings of that day, and all that washed down the rivers within a week?

Graph, Withlacoochee Basin

At US 41 (North Valdosta Road), the Withlacoochee River was actually in minor flood several of the intervening days, according to the USGS US 41 (Valdosta) Gauge.

US 41 (Valdosta) USGS Gauge, Withlacoochee Basin

Here are the US 41 readings.

US 41, Withlacoochee River, Withlacoochee Basin

Also at the Alapahahoochee River at GA 135.

GA 135, Alapahoochee River, Alapaha Basin

Everything was down in the Alapahoochee Basin.

Graph, Alapaha Basin

And every reading in the Alapaha Basin was way down.

Map of Stations, Stations


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Map in Water Reporter

Here is the map of this data in Water Reporter. Click on one of the diamond shapes to see graphs.